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[Solved] Betting at Aldermist  



Maybe you already covered this but is it possible to download betting results, .csv or similar ?

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This will be released as part of our Bet Tracker, which will now include full functionality for Aldermist 🙂

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I didn't realise my points would go down as well as up

@wowpartnergs this has only happened as a couple of issues were discovered in the calculations and points were corrected. I'm not aware of any of bugs in the points calculations, so this should not happen again.


Unfortunately my account doesnt allow the trialing of Alchemist as I was a previous subscriber.


Never mind, you cant beat the real thing !



@omenomen there is a free version of Aldermist available to everybody which contains 3 ratings in every race, plus all standard race information 🙂 open an Aldermist race from your dashboard at and you will see. that you can place bets etc. You will also get 50 Bonus RaceCoins every day to bet with at Aldermist.


Sorry, no betting or points available on my account. you can click away on anything and nothing does anything at all.

Thanks Anyway, I will paint the garden shed !

@omenomen please can you try deleting your browsers cookies and cache and logging in again, if this doesn't work please contact our support desk and we will reset your password and try and replicate what's happening so we can resolve it for you.




Doesnt work, I can click on a horses name, it turns green and thats about all that will happen, the information in the columns to the right of the horse are blurred out, there are zeros in the RC no matter what you click on nothing happens.

Im not fussed, just let your tech team know there may be the same issues with other peoples accounts.


Ive moved on to Geegeez query builder so will play around with that instead until racing comes back.


Thanks Anyway I hope your Alchemist idea fills the hole for some people while racing is down. It doesnt really sound my cup of tea anyway, i know how to read form and pick winners, I wouldnt think this tool could improve that, whereas a searchable query builder based on information from past races will keep me occupied looking for angles on performances of real past racing data.

Thanks Anyway.

@omenomen thank you for the message. I see, that's how the free version of Aldermist works. You get access to three ratings in each race and the standard race information and horse histories. Our complete range of ratings and tools are only available to RA Pro members.



I reiterate again the following just in case you come across a similar error.

There is access to no ratings all info is blurred out and no horse histories are available, you click on the horse, nothing happens, nothing happens at all with anything.

So pointless really having access to anything, all you see is horses names and nothing else.

I tried the pro members, it was very flakey lots of issues with emptying cache and browser issues, things not working, slow loading, betfair prices not updating etc never had that before with any other racing software, I assume you are still in the honeymoon process with your site, im sure you will get there in the end.




@omenomen I see the issue, it will be resolved shortly, thank you for confirming that with me. There's been a huge amount of updates since you were an RA Pro member. As you know, Aldermist is brand new and we are still ironing out some bugs. However, all the issues you mentioned have been resolved a while ago. 

@omenomen this has now been fixed, please load a new race and you will be able to place bets, open horse history and see three ratings in each race 🙂


Hi Michael

Going through the list on the Hobbyist betting, I have a question regarding 3 winners in a row.

To pass this hurdle, do your bets have to be a single win bet on each race?

Ive tried dutch betting and the system doesn't recognise having 3 winners in a row.

Example: 8 horse races, Ive picked 3 possible contenders and got 3 winners in 3 different races.

The system doesn't recognise I have achieved that goal.

Could you please clarify my question/query going forward to achieve this goal.


@karlinator great question. To achieve that goal you will need to have three win or each-way bets in a row.


Hi Michael

My next question would be, Would the 3 in a row win sequence depend on the time you made the bet or the timing of the race?

For example at 12.30pm today I placed bets for races at 4pm and 6.30pm. Both won.

Since 12.30 I have placed bets ranging for races at 1pm to 3pm with varying results.

If they go on time I placed the bet, Im still at square one.

If they go off the time of the race, all I need is one more win.

Which process applies on Aldermist?


@karlinator they go off the time of the race 🙂 three consecutive winning bets based on the race times.


Thank You

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