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[Solved] Copy Race Cards  



I want to create a number of racecards with the same core ratings but with additional ratings based on race conditions. How do I create a new race card based on an existing one? I cant see a "copy" or "save as" function.



2 Answers

Probably the easiest way is to go the Settings Screen, Select the Manage Race Cards Tab and the final set of Buttons alongside each Race Card are the Action Buttons - the first Action Button is Edit - I've not tried it myself but I believe you should be able to Save the Racecards from there.


There isn't currently a way to duplicate a race card, but I've just added this to our development list at

It's at the bottom of the secondary developments, please head over and vote on the feature to move it higher in our schedule (the position on the page doesn't change, but we take the most voted on features to update first)

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