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Exporting Classifications  




Not having the classifications is a big drawback. There are formulas you can use in excel to try and extract the data but it is a bit messy.

It is available with most other data providers that I have used.

I have attached a spreadsheet that lists the various race types, this should be comprehensive enough for most users.

It would also be useful to have the age classification.

@michael-clarke how would you have the data put into a CSV to make it most useable, assuming multiple classifications per race?


I would hope that this list would cover the vast majority of multiple classifications, e.g. AMTR HCAP would indicate it was an handicap for amateurs, AMTR LADIES HCAP would indicate it was an handicap for lady amateurs etc.

Alternatively you could have separate fields for each type of classification, e.g. a field for handicap, a field for amateur, a field for ladies, a field for apprentice etc. These could be flagged either Y or N in most instances. In some instances they could have more flags, e.g. Group 1, 2, 3 and listed as these can't be combined.

@michael-clarke ah sorry for the confusion, we have all the classifications and they're on the race cards. It's how to put them into a useable format in an export file. I don't know without investigating what the maximum number of classifications are per race, but a quick glance has shown at least five, so it may be higher.

If we had a field for each possible classification with a Y or N in them there would be 54 fields just for classifications, which I feel is too many.

Five (or more) fields in a CSV file could be done, but they will be blank most of the time which is also likely to be confusing.

We could put them into a single cell, but then you'd need to be able to strip them out in your Excel query.

I'm not sure the best way to go, but definitely open to adding this in if we can find a good way without making the files confusing or excessively large.

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Thank you for all the feedback, this has now been added to our development lists and I will go through it with our team.

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