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[Solved] FPLR  



I am analysing today's card and FPLR for Stradivarius is 1. His last run was in the Arc where he came 7th.


Out of curiosity Michael, what information do you get when you click on the horse name in the racecard? Are overseas races shown there?

3 Answers

To clarify, our data comes from the same source. We do not currently provide international racing. However, the most recent races shown under a horses name will include international racing, this is how data is supplied to us.

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Yep, looks like it's ignored the French race. Not very good as FPLR is still one of the key variables that I use.


If the Arc race shows in the form and race history but is not in the FPLR, it suggests they aren't both pulling from the same source. Curious.


No it's not in the race history. A bit irritating as well that if the horse was a non runner last time the FPLR shows 500 rather than where it finished the last time it actually ran, a bit of pointless information I think.

@michael-clarke I think I might be right in saying that the data used by RA only covers races held in the UK and Ireland

@michael-clarke Alf is right, we only have data for races in the UK and Ireland.

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