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[Solved] Open up speed graph without eliminated selections  



Hi Michael.

Minor thing but I think this would be a timesaver as well as possibly speeding up the chart which can be a bit sluggish when its got a lot of data points.




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This is a nice idea, I've added this to but we've also got it slated to completely re-design the speed graphs to make them more user-friendly. I'd like to know your thoughts on whether having it opening in a separate tab is useful?

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@mikeywildingHi Michael. Great. I like that it opens in a separate tab as I like to flip between the graph and race card. Cheers John


Hi Michael. 

Just as an aside. I think my skills have improved dramatically learning from you on the live Goodwood sessions this week. I have been on fire with my selections. The smallest number of winners I have had in a day is 5 with 8 one day (not all at Goodwood I hasten to add). And those of my selections that didn’t win more often than not placed, and as I usually stake 80/20 still made a profit. Needless to say my bank roll has literally ballooned with in the region about 35 pts profit over 5 days.

A big part of this is the speed graph which I now use for all race types regardless of distance. I find it is really good at highlighting selections that the markets have overpriced because of a perceived recent poor run.  Whereas  in fact the speed graph easily shows that the horses’ speeds were right up there in that “poor” race and comparable if not better than the other selections’ recent form. I have had quite a few high priced winning and placed horses this way. 

So a really big  thank you to you and RA. I couldn’t be happier.


Cheers John

That's wonderful to hear, thank you for letting me know 🙂 I'm thinking of doing some more of them for the bigger festivals. I also had a great time on them.

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