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[Solved] Reverse Rnk Ratings


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@mikeywilding. Hi Michael. I have been having a long hard think about how to best to build lay microangles and tissues.  I don't have a huge amount of confidence in the way I am doing it at the moment.  I have come to the conclusion is that I really want is Rnk ratings , but in reverse order. So the horse with the worst value for a rating in a race is ranked 1 for that rating, 2nd worst 2,  and so on. I am going to try to write some code to reverse the rnk ratings for my purposes but it struck me that in the longer term this might be quite a useful feature to add to RA as I think it might make it simpler to find good lay systems.





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Would you be able to use the number of runners field and then take that number as the "best" and work backwards rather than having to re-calculate?

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Yep, that is one solution and I have already changed my code to do something like this. Basically I divide the number or runners by 2 and round up. Then I have a predicate that says the rank has to be over that number (i.e. ranked in the bottom half)

In theory the problem with this approach (and it applies to yours as well) is that lowest rank maybe a lot lower than the number of runners in the race if it happens to be a rating where a few of the runners have the same raw value for that rating. In practice I don't think it matters that much because those ratings aren't particularly helpful anyway.





We work it in a similar way for bottom % in the system builder. You're right, there could be some issues with the inexperienced horses where the ratings are similar, but I also don't think they will cause much of an issue in your model.

Thanks Michael.

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