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Speed graph interpretations  



Have you produced any up to date info on the interpretation of speed graphs? For example I often find a horse at the top of the graph and it's form bears no resemblance to what the graph is telling us. For example in todays 19.00 at Kempton the top two are Divine messenger and Lethal missile. Both ran in the same race at Kempton last time but neither of the won that winner was delicate kiss who re-opposes today. Also in the race is Candelisa also not at the top of the graph but has also won at the distance at Kempton on std/slow. Anything on this would be gratefully received

Sorry messed up the race winner was Candelisa but the message remains the same.

@paul-robinson-2 did you have any filters on when you were looking at the race?


Yes I used distance, flat AW and standard going so nothing fancy.

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