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System Builder - Be able to Compare ratings in nodes  


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@mikeywilding Hi Michael.... I am not 100% sure this is a good/reasonable idea. But when playing around with system builder I keep thinking wouldn't it be great if you could compare different  ratings that are based on the same "foundation" rating.

For example being able to make a section based on whether the PFPCLGR is greater than the PFPPROCl.

Or maybe if PFPClBR is less than the PFPPRoCl.

I think this sounds reasonable. I know that sometimes when you are doing FMFR you will look at class ratings and compare two ratings to eliminate horses.




Interesting idea, I like the concept but I would be concerned it is over-complicating the process.

Potentially very powerful though surely? Maybe have it as advanced option?

You are right it is more complicated, and would be easy to get wrong. But surely the stats would be an immediate indicator if you had made a comparison that didn't make sense. 

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