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It’s been so cold lately, that I’m not surprised there’s been snow here and there around the country.

That means that a number of race meetings have been getting cancelled, but that doesn’t stop us creating our awesome FREE stats.

And where there’s snow, there are snow pranks!

I saw a superb one the other day.

A guy built a snow car that was so realistic that it caught everyone’s attention.

It even had snow windscreen wipers!

But, best of all, it caught the police’s attention.


Because it was built in a spot where you’re not allowed to park.

However, when the traffic cops came to give it a ticket, they realised – eventually!

And left a parking notice with “Hahahahahahaha” written on it.

The snow clearance people weren’t so amused – they just ploughed straight through it!

Another man who can’t be fooled is our pro betting genius.

And he’s about to prove it, with yet another superb free Daily Stat Pack.

No matter how good you are at betting, everyone can learn something from these incredible free piece of advice.

So they are well worth checking out.

As one happy punter called Iain wrote the other day…

“I felt compelled to drop you a line just to thank you all for the fabulous service that is the Daily Stat Pack.

“I’ve been using the free service for several weeks now and have been really impressed with the results. It does produce some fantastic winners.

“To find all the hard work done for you, and in such an easy format has made my life so much easier and literally saved me hours of research.”

You are welcome.

Get stuck in, everyone, and let’s make some big money.

Click HERE to read’s today’s FREE Daily Stat Pack goodness and start your own success story.

All the best,

The Race Advisor

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