Lincoln – A Brief History

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Horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the U.K today, and one that receives some of the highest volume action in sports wagering. One of the great aspects of horse racing is wagering on different horses, ranging from the favorite to the long shot. Horse racing odds work by taking the odds a horse is to win, let’s say ten to one, and then multiplying that ratio by the amount bet. For example, if a person bets one thousand pounds on a long shot at twenty to one odds, that person would win twenty thousand pounds. However, if that horse did not win the bettor would lose the original thousand pounds that was placed in the bet. Handicap odds and understanding the science behind their formulation is critical in understanding horse racing as a whole.

History of Lincoln Horse Race

One of the most famous historical horse races in England was the Lincoln horse race. This race was started in the 1850’s in London as was a great sports tradition for over a hundred years. When the race was first started, it was actually a two mile race. However, over time the distance was shortened to a length of just one mile for the safety of the horses. In horse racing, the longer the race is the higher the odds of injury to the horses. Today, the race is a distance of exactly one mile and is open to all thoroughbreds four years old and up. In 1965, the race was moved to Doncaster and the official race name was changed to the Lincoln Handicap, to which some refer to the race as the Lincoln odds.

Race Today

With the great history of the Lincoln Handicap, or Lincoln odds, this race has a certain mystique to it that other horse venues simply do not. Today, the Lincoln Handicap is one of the most popular horse races in England, and many people from all over Europe tune in to see exactly who is going to win the race this year. With all of the great popularity and fanfare surrounding the race, it is no surprise that people from all over the world place bets on which horse they expect will win the race. Knowing the handicap odds for the race many weeks in advance, many bettors place significant time and effort in selecting the best value overall in the field. Many times the best value is not in the top or bottom horses but somewhere in the middle. The science of sports betting has increased tremendously over the years, and there are even courses at university that offer credit on how to place good bets on sports.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Lincoln Handicap is one of the most famous horse events in all of Europe today. With over 150 years of history behind it, the majesty and history that is experienced at this horse race is simply second to none. Although the race has been shortened over the years with an eye on horse safety, the race is still one of the most popular throughout England and still receives some of the highest volume sports of any single event in England today.

John Hawthorne

John Hawthorne

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