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We’re proud to have a superb team of writers and reviewers at the Race Advisor. You can find more details about our team below and if you would be interested in joining the team then please contact us here and let us know what you think you can bring to the Race Advisor along with samples of your writing.

  • Phil Boyle

    Phil Boyle has been a racing enthusiast since his teens and bought his first share of a racehorse in the early 2000s. For the last ten years, Phil has been running BG Racing Syndicates and aims to provide fun, friendly and affordable access to racehorse ownership. Phil is always happy to talk about ownership and can be contacted via his website, www.bgracingsyndicates.co.uk. Phil enjoys a bet every day and uses Race Adviser’s Racing Dossier software to help him to identify his selections.
  • Becca Long

    Becca Long is a freelance blog contributor and lover of all things equestrian. She hopes to visit (and write about!) all of the world's major racing and show events by her mid-30s.


  1. I have attempted on numerous occasions to send an e-mail to Michael. With no success. As the content is personal I refrain from posting it here. Please give me an e-mail address where i can contact him.

  2. Rich Lyne,
    I have a vague recollection of a betting system that might be eminently suitable to partner your methodology.
    It’s a system designed to make a certain amount (1 point) on each bet.
    Please contact if you feel this would be of any interest. Remember, “you never know where a new contact can take you”
    Is Mise

  3. Hello to Michael and all the team. I felt compelled to drop you a line just to thank you all for the fabulous service that is the Daily Stat Pack. I’ve been using the free service for several weeks now and have been really impressed with the results. When combined with the advised selection method it does produce some fantastic winners and although you advise not to back any horse over 16/1 I have found that using a small e/w punt on the outsiders often pays off, as with today and another winner at 33/1 – Desert Cry! I have been playing around with similar ideas for a while (with partial success) but to find all the hard work done for you, and in such an easy format has made my life so much easier and literally saved me hours of research. Many Thanks!

  4. Hi, i would like to know if you cover South African racing as well. With your software as seen in your youtube videos. Your Contact page does not work.

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