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  • Jun- 2015 -
    30 June
    horse racing

    Weekly Eyecatchers

    If you have been following these eyecatchers you will have had a couple of nice winners over the weekend with Master The World 4/1 winning at Newmarket on Saturday and Diamondsandrubies 8/1, winning the big Group 1 race at the Curragh on Sunday and bigger prices were available in the morning for both horses! It looks like we will have…

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  • 23 June
    horse racing

    Weekly Eyecatchers

    With Royal Ascot now out of the way there is a little hole in the racing this week but hopefully my latest list of eyecatchers will help the void. I wasn’t going to but as an extra bonus I have added some tracker horses from last weeks Royal Ascot which means your are now fully up to date with all…

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  • Mar- 2015 -
    15 March

    Make Yourself A Contender Finding Spreadsheet For Betting

    I wanted to share something with you today that you could put into immediate effect. Something hands on. And, with that in mind, I started to make a list of everything that would be a useful tool for you to use in your betting. By the end, the list was pretty big, so I would start at the top with…

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  • Aug- 2014 -
    10 August
    Using Betting Systems As A Shortlist 1

    Using Betting Systems As A Shortlist

    There are two inherent truths in betting systems and these are: They produce a low ROI They have generic rules In fact these are only true for betting systems built using the standard approach, which I like to call the IF AND OR approach. IF number of runners is less than twelve AND the race type is all weather AND…

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  • Jul- 2014 -
    28 July
    How To Find Winners In An Hour A Day 2

    How To Find Winners In An Hour A Day

    There are many bettors who simply don’t have the time to bet. It’s a hobby, an enjoyable past time that can also generate some extra income. Sometimes the goal may be to become full time but in a lot of situations this isn’t the case. It’s the pleasure of horse racing and making profits from a pastime that keeps the interest rather than the desire to…

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  • Apr- 2014 -
    17 April
    Titan Bet Review 3

    Titan Bet Review

    [review] Titanbet are the new kids on the block in terms of on-line betting, but they’re no strangers to the industry as a whole having been born out of the giant Titan Group more famously known by its poker brand. The established gaming brand saw a gap in the market and have gone about making sure that everyone gets to hear…

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  • Mar- 2014 -
    8 March
    The Ladbrokes Lady Wulfana Stakes Winner 4

    The Ladbrokes Lady Wulfana Stakes Winner

    It’s been a while since I published a race analysis and I thought today would be a good time to do it. I’m going to be writing this analysis using my Racing Dossier ratings. If you want to join the Racing Dossier then you can do that here. Before I start with the analysis it’s important to explain the ratings…

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  • Dec- 2013 -
    16 December

    A Punters Phenomenon

    There’s an interesting phenomenon amongst punters finding their own selections. Most bettors feel that they have to place a bet in every race or have a lot of action every day. Why? Do we need to have a lot of selections every day? Do we need to be able to bet in every race to make a profit? No. So…

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  • 9 December

    Finding A Profit In Chase Races

    One of the most popular articles I’ve written is about stats on the All Weather. So, since we’re now in the jumps season I thought I’d write a version for chase races! To start I’m going to look at the performance of the top three horses in the betting with data going back to 2007. When we break this down…

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  • Oct- 2013 -
    14 October

    Bayes Theorem In Horse Racing – Everything You Need To Know

    Today I’m going to follow on from my original article about Bayes Theorem. I was excited to see that it caused quite a stir and I want to make sure that by the end of today you know exactly how to create the likelihood ratios needed to use it in racing and… …I’m going to do an example with some…

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  • Apr- 2013 -
    29 April

    Using Betting Systems As A Starting Point

    I did a radio show for the Craven Festival and on the show I had a couple of guest pro punters, one of whom was Eddie Lloyd. A few of the things he mentioned brought up subjects that I haven’t discussed for a while and I think are important to bring up again. I’m sure that you have come across…

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  • Mar- 2013 -
    25 March

    Looking Back To The Future

    With the Cheltenham Festival having recently finished, and I hope you were following our previews as we came out with a tidy profit, I thought it was appropriate to look at what we need to review in order to improve our betting. By looking back over our past results we can improve our future results. Doing this we learn what…

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  • 12 March

    Cheltenham 2013 – Day 1 Preview And Tips

    I apologise for the delay in this preview this morning. You may be aware that there have been some major ground condition changes and in order to make sure our information was accurate we needed to update all our ratings this morning. As you know I’ve been very excited about this festival and I’m going to do my best to…

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  • Feb- 2013 -
    22 February

    Graphical Race Analysis

    In preparation for Cheltenham week, where I will be providing you race analysis every day, I thought I would do a race analysis today for you using the graphical approach that is utilised inside Betting Speed Evolution. The race I am going to look at is the 18:30 at Wolverhampton. This is a sprint race and speed is going to…

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  • Dec- 2012 -
    24 December

    Predicting A Horses Improvement

    I thought it was time to look at something a bit different, after all that is how we make profits as bettors. Have you ever considered whether a horse is improving? If you haven’t then you should. In fact you shouldn’t only consider if it is improving, you should also consider if it is declining. Do you want to bet…

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  • Aug- 2012 -
    27 August

    The Common Sense Approach

    I have something a bit different today. For once I am going to stop talking about making sure you can deal with the emotional side of betting, bankrolls and more for a different look at the problem of finding winners in racing. In fact this can be related to finding winners in any form of sports betting. This is something…

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  • Mar- 2012 -
    9 March

    Sandown Reviewed

    Today there is a lot of poor racing but I thought, since there were so many races taking place, that I would do a review of all the races at Sandown. That being said, I am going to be using the RA members features to do the analysis and will jump straight in with the 2.20! 2.20 – Annington Amateur…

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  • Nov- 2011 -
    22 November

    Finding Selections – The Beginners Guide

    It is very easy to get over whelmed with sports betting and particularly horse racing. In horse racing there are so many factors to take into consideration and everywhere you look there are ratings but no information on what they mean! This makes it hard for the new bettor to get to grips with what they need to do and…

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  • Jan- 2011 -
    11 January

    How To Get Started On A Betting Portfolio

    Guest post written by Eddie Lloyd We need to start by keeping it simple. To illustrate this I thought I’d relay how I started out and have continued over the last three years. Prior to my journey as a pro, I had to establish how I was to start building my bank up from a small amount into something that…

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  • Jul- 2010 -
    23 July

    Can making a profit be any easier?

    Back in March we developed a betting system here at the Race Advisor. There were some suggestions made by a reader and today I thought I would revisit this system and see where we go with some of the suggestions made. The biggest suggestion was to look at favourites only and those who had odds of 3/1 or higher available,…

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