Profit Lockdown v2

The Betting System That Mathematically Guarantees You Will Win

Even If The Bookmakers Have Restricted Your Accounts


Avg. Monthly Profit


Strike Rate


Return On Investment

20 pts


Based On £25 Stakes

Just £43 inc. VAT

Profit Lockdown v2

The Only Betting Strategy Where You Cannot Mathematically Lose!

If you don't have all the time in the world. If you can't speak "Racing Post" fluently. If don't want to make a loss. If you don't want monthly payments for tips. If you DO WANT to make a profit. Profit Lockdown v2 is for you!

It's the ultimate video trading strategy where mathematically you cannot lose.

And don't worry, you need to be able to place your bets 10 minutes before a race, and then you can get back to what you were doing. There's no hanging around all day watching your computer screen.

Simple and Quick​

Even if you've never placed a bet before, you'll be making a profit today!

This Is What Profit Lockdown v2 Gives You...

Start With Just £10 Bets

No big bankroll, bets of just £10 could make you £720 profit per year!

A ROI Of 20%

That's a 20% return on every single bet! And you only ever risk 3% of your stake

Winning Bets 78% Of The Time

Goodbye losing runs! Winning 78% of the time you'll always have profits.

£278 Profit In Last 4 Weeks

Once you've watched the video you can start making serious money. Over £278 profit made in last 4 weeks

Just 20 Minutes

It only takes twenty minutes to find selections and place your bets, then you can get back to your life.

Industry Leading Support

An industry leading support team of pro-bettors who will get you profitable.

Everything's About To Change

Profit Lockdown has been completely overhauled in version two and now includes...

  • Only use a betting exchange (bookmaker accounts are no longer needed)
  • Ideal if you bookmaker accounts have been restricted
  • The ability to profit no matter what the outcome of the race
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    For bettors who want low risks and big rewards
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    Takes a maximum of 20 minutes a day
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    You no longer need to speak 'Racing Post'

What Our Customers Are Saying

What do our current members think of the strategy?

Hi there, I have been using the system you gave out with Profit Lockdown and it has been very impressive. After another 2 winners today i have gone over the £500 profit mark to £20 stakes. So thank you for giving it out!!

Richard Keen

Just a very positive update for you.
After paper trading most days last week I Traded properly with small stakes on BFair on Saturday and Sunday and am over the moon – results phenomenal and have made 40.4 points NET PROFIT over 2 DAYS!! Absolutely over the moon.


What can I say.  2 bets today and 2 winners.

Bob Graham

My first day with PL proper and I couldn't believe it when Parfait stormed his race to win at 11/1!!! What a start for me!! I love it!!


I had three selections today. They were: 1:50 Not. Cent Flying, Nowhere. 4:35 Not. Jumira 5/2 winner. 3:40 Good London Prize 7/4 Winner. I'm happy Eddie. Lovin it!!

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Just A Few Of Our Winning Bets!

Just £43 inc. VAT

What You'll Get Inside

  • £278 Profit In Last 4 Weeks
  • Win 78% Of Your Bets
  • Mathematically You Cannot Lose
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    A Video Strategy Guide To Winning

100% SUPPORT Guarantee

Here at The Race Advisor we believe anybody can become a profitable bettor. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to betting. We all have different bankrolls, risk tolerance, time available and preferences to types of betting. Our industry leading support team contains professional bettors who will help you use our services to make them work specifically for you. Available from Monday to Friday, we will work with you on bespoke methods using our services ​to ​make you a profitable bettor in a way that suits you.

Just £43 inc. VAT

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