Britain’s greatest racing software is BIGGER and BETTER than ever

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Profit Recall is the most powerful piece of racing software we’ve ever made.

And it’s just got even better.


Because the training wheels are off!

Profit Recall has been in Beta testing for an entire year.

And even in that time, it’s made a lot of people a LOT of money.

By predicting, with the power of millions of past results, what will happen in any given race.

It crunches the numbers and ranks every horse in any race – from the horse poised to win to the horse most likely to come last.

Even the bookies don’t have anything that can do what this can.

(How do we know? We hire some of their their top people!)

Now we’re launching Profit Recall as a fully fledged product, it’s smashing its own records and churning money like never before.


It also comes tooled up with key new features that you are going to love. More on that later.

But first, I’m going to show you how this incredible piece of software can now take the most mundane day’s racing and give you win, after win, after win.

And I’m going to do that by showing the results from two racehorses on a recent Sunday – and what Profit Recall predicted.

Check it out. The date is 2nd July, the courses are Cartmel and Uttoxeter, and you are not going to believe what happened next.

(Here’s a clue: the people who use Profit Recall to find their bets probably don’t have debts any more... or ever!)


Here’s the 14:50 race at Cartmel. So you simply go into Profit Recall, pick the race and in seconds this is what you get.

Profit Recall determines which factors have proven to be the most predictive in who wins.

Not in any old race, or using some average – in this exact race.

And here are the results. Profit Recall’s top pick? Irish Roe.

And who won? Look, here in the Racing Post. Winner: Irish Roe.

And it does this for practically every single runner that day.

See for yourself!

It’s the same story in every race. Profit Recall has again crunched the data and predicted the winner.

And the profit rains down. Unlucky, bookies!

It happens at other courses too...


Just imagine having this kind of betting power at your disposal.

It’s scary how good this software now is.

If you had backed the above bets with £100 a go, you’d now have £952 at SP.

I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

Low-quality races. Two completely run-of-the-mill courses. An unremarkable Sunday.

But you’ve just made you so much money you’d struggle to stuff it all in your pockets.

Imagine doing that every time you fancied betting on a race.

You can use this software, not know the first thing about racing, and become a serial winner with Profit Recall.


You can be making life-changing sums of money with just minutes of your time.

And now Profit Recall is out of Beta, it’s doing even more of the hard work for you.

Because now you can see the live odds from Betfair – meaning you can check a horse’s value without doing a thing.

The amount you stand to make is right there in front of you.

Want to see how it works?

Check out this short clip to see how Profit Recall is more powerful than ever...

You can get that winning feeling right now.

Start profiting from your very next race...


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Profit Recall

PS. And if you’re still not convinced, check out these real comments posted about Profit Recall online.

Congratulations to all our winners!


Click the button below to get your new Profit Recall for £47 +VAT per month