The Inside Track To The Winning Horses At THE MOET & CHANDON JULY FESTIVAL!

Discover the feeling of walking away from a racing festival with your pocket stuffed with a wedge of notes!

  • Get profitable selections for the biggest horse racing festivals in the UK and IRE
  • Complete race-by-race analysis by leading horse racing professional
  • Trends and statistics highlighting the best horses in each race

Making Profits is as Easy as A... B... C...

Losing your money to the bookies hurts. I know, because I’ve been there!

Just before a big racing festival started, I’d be excited, like a kid getting their candy. But then the festival began, and race after race my horses lost. Race after race, I was handing my money back to the bookies. I felt like the kid who’d got his candy, only to find it rotten inside the wrapper.

It was the worst feeling in  the world.

​Heading home, I’d realise that I didn’t have any money left, the bookies had stolen it from me. I was going to be eating instant noodles for the rest of the month, and it would take me days to recover from the shock of it.

I was desperate, I knew that people were winning. Heck, I saw them walking away from the track with wedges of banknotes in their hands!​

“That was when I decided to start taking notes on how every horse ran!”

Before the next festival, I got the early declarations, the list of horses that would be racing, and started looking for videos of all their most recent past races.

Then I’d watch each video, and make notes on how that horse performed over the ground, distance, weight and in comparison to the other runners in the race.

It took me days. Sitting in a dark room, squinting at the screen to make sure I didn’t miss a single detail of the race, often watching each race two or three times to make sure that I had seen everything right.

The more videos I watched, the clearer a picture I had on which horse I thought would be able to win each race.

By the time the horse racing festival began, I had hundreds of pages of notes.

By joining me for this festival, you’ll get all the benefits of my work, without having to do any:

Profitable Selections

You will get a clear selection for each race on every day of the festival. Alongside the selection will be details of how much to stake and what type of bet to place. Nothing is left to chance!

Full Race Analysis

A full race analysis will allow you to see the reasons behind the selections chosen. Use the analysis to make your own decisions on which runners to bet in the race.

Trends and Statistics

Every race will come with a complete breakdown of it's trends and statistics. Discover which types of horses have won this exact race in the past, and which are most likely to do so again.

"As I've said before thats remarkable"

"Now really you have something here, this is not coincidence, four out of five winners at combined odds of 28/1"

- Mark (Horse Racing Punter)

Walk Away From the Race Track With Your Profit Stuffed In Notes In Your Pocket

"…the results are nothing short of sensational." - Pietro

Wondering what we provide inside the guide? Here's an example from Ascot..

Here's Everything I'm Going To Give You:

Discover Which Trainers Make A Profit 

"We check all trainers at the festival to discover who has a history of profit."

Unlock the strike rates, points profit, and expected value for each profitable trainer at the course the festival is taking place at.

Revealed: Which Trainers Work Best With Which Jockeys, and Who's In Form!

Every trainer is cross-checked with each jockey they use, to discover the most profitable partnerships. We reveal the result to you, before our highlight of which trainers have been in recent form.

Instantly See Which Horses Have A Preference For The Course

Every horse that has won at the course and in a similar race is investigated. Any that show an a preference for the course and race they are running in, are listed in our Horses For Courses section. Immediately find the runners with the strongest preference for their races across the entire festival!

Profitable Race Trends Revealed

Every trend is investigated for each race, and the key trends for that specific event is summarised so you can see what's important at a glance!


Each race has a detailed analysis of all the main contenders, before being summarised.

You can use this analysis to make your own selections, or you can use the selections I will be betting on, marked at the bottom with details of how I shall be staking them.​

"I already have the system from you and its making me pots of money."

- Stuart (Horse Racing Punter)

"I’ve only had 1 losing day from 4, I am really impressed"

- Alf (Horse Racing Punter)

"Nice winner papradon @20/1 and grandads horse @3/1 lovely jubbly keep em coming goooooonnnnmyyysoonnnn"

- Nigel (Horse Racing Punter)

For Every Race At This Festival We'll Be Sharing With You...

  • Which Trainers Make A Profit
  • Which Trainers Work Best With Which Jockeys
  • Trainers In Current Form
  • The Horses That Have A Preference For The Race
  • Profitable Race Trends
  • Complete Race Analysis
  • Selections and Stakes

Get Instant Access to The Moet & Chandon July Festival Pack!

Now you’re probably wondering how much I’m going to ask for this, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Most of us bet at least £5 a race.

To find that selection, not only does it take hours to analyse a race properly, it also takes years to gain the knowledge to be able to do it profitably. You can now skip the years of training, and the hours of work to finding profit, by letting me share my notes, historical statistics, analysis, insights and selections in each race.

I’m sure you’d agree that to charge the same amount as we bet per race would be completely fair. After all, there’s a huge amount of work that goes into each selection and that £5 bet could make you £20, £50 or even £100 in profit.

But I’m not going to ask for that.

All I'm asking for is a contribution of £19.99 +VAT!

Why am I doing it so cheap?

Well,  first and most importantly, I want YOU to make a profit.

And, I'm going to be doing the analysis for myself. After all, betting on horses in festivals is how I make my living.​ 

Which is  why I can share my analysis with you for so little​.

"You are a good bloke that is obvious, not just out to try and release punters of their money like 95% in this industry."

- Tim (Horse Racing Punter)

"I Just want to take a few minutes out to thank you for all your help and support. Your knowledge and the effort you make to share it is first class and very much appreciated."

- Bob (Horse Racing Punter)

"Thank you - you, along with a handful of others, have helped me become a much better punter…"

- Josh (Horse Racing Punter)

You Can Change Your Luck Today!

If you're fed up walking away from the track with empty pockets. If you want to change your luck, then it's time to take action today!

This guide is for the Moet & Chandon July Festival which runs from the 12th July to the 14th July.

Join today, or... you can do what you've already been doing, and continue to make a loss. Only you can change your luck!

Here's What You’ll Get in the RA Festival Pack...

  • Which Trainers Make A Profit
  • Trainers In Current Form
  • Most Suited Horses To Race
  • Profitable Race Trends
  • Complete Race Analysis
  • Winning Selections

All this for just:



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