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Race Advisor Pro

Betting Power at your Fingertips
With all these Profit-Spinning Tools in One Place

There is a huge shake-up taking place at the Race Advisor.

And YOU are the one who’s going to benefit!

Six sensational tools are being consolidated into one incredible package.

So you can use them ALL – whenever you like.

These pieces of software normally cost about £30-£40 per month each.

But they’re not going to be £240 a month together.

Not even a fraction of that.

You’ll get...

Betting Speed Evolution – INCLUDED!

The ultimate in speed analysis, using proprietary speed charts not available anywhere else

  • Proprietary speed charts
  • Speed figures for every race
  • Confidence level for each speed rating
  • check
    Race conditions for every race
  • check
    Average speed rating
  • check
    Dynamically change the race conditions to show how fast a horse is under different conditions
  • check
    Race competitiveness indicator

EyeCatchers Pro – INCLUDED!

Track horses you want to follow, make notes AND get our in-house list of horses to watch

  • Track horses you want to follow
  • Get alerted when any of your tracked horses are racing
  • Make notes against horses so you know when to bet them
  • check
    Access the Race Advisors' tracked horses

Racing Dossier – INCLUDED!

The best horse ratings on the planet

  • Hundreds of industry leading ratings per horse
  • Speed, form, pace, class, trainer, jockey and competitive ratings
  • Reynolds Rankings dynamic scoring system
  • check
    Build your own race cards with custom ratings
  • check
    Unlimited race cards
  • check
    Historic ratings for every horse in every race
  • check
    Mark possible selections as Contenders to simplify your analysis
  • check
    Eliminate horses you're not interested in so you don't see them
  • check
    Race condition filters which open the exact race card you want every time
  • check
    Four pre-built race cards
  • check
    Export your daily race cards as CSV files

Profit Recall – INCLUDED!

Artificial Intelligence Scoring Engine and Odds Lines

  • Artificial intelligence uses thousands pieces of data to accurately score a horses chance of winning
  • Total score for every horse in every race
  • Probability of each horse winning the race
  • check
    Eliminations, potential winners, and Contenders marked for instant analysis
  • check
    Custom odds line to compare live market odds to for value betting
  • check
    Betfair odds live for immediate value finding
  • check
    Adjusted odds line taking into account both our odds and live odds
  • check
    Value bets highlighted
  • check
    Non-runners automatically removed and odds re-calculated
  • check
    Two settings to allow fine tuning of the odds lines
  • check
    All scores exportable into a CSV file
  • check
    All ratings available historically

Pace Predictor – INCLUDED!

Simplify one of the most powerful betting tools in your arsenal

  • Race pace prediction for EVERY race
  • Know exactly which type of horses you should be betting
  • Discover which horses are leaders and when you should bet them
  • check
    Only bet on horses that get held up when you know it's profitable
  • check
    Total pace score, using our custom pace analysis algorithm, for every horse
  • check
    Running style, know instantly what each type of horse is
  • check
    Historic pace ratings for every horse
  • check
    Pace charts for visualisation of horses with the best pace

VDW Maximiser – INCLUDED!

Van Der Wheil ratings, new, improved and combined with live odds!

  • Instantly see how effective VDW ratings are at predicting winners in each specific race
  • Pace race scores show you if you should be using the ratings to bet to place
  • Form rating at a glance uncovers the strongest form horses
  • check
    Ability rating highlights the horses with the best ability in each race
  • check
    Live Betfair odds so you can see the value of each horse
  • check
    Unique VDW Score only available on Race Advisor Pro combines all data into an easy to use instant assessment for each runner
  • check
    VDW Odds is the perfect mix of VDW ratings and Betfair odds so you know which horse is offering value
  • check
    Highlighted value horses shortcuts you to the bets immediately
  • check
    Automatic removal of non-runners


Access all data and tools on over 165,465 historic races dating back to 2012

Practice your selection strategies and form reading on past races

Add horses to the Selections tab for easy betting later

Export your selections into a CSV file for easy betting

Community forum to discuss ideas, strategies, ask questions and request features

This killer package will cost you just £1 for 21 days.

In that time, you can make literally thousands of pounds in profits.

And even after your 21 days, the price rises to only £47. 

That’s a mega saving.

Especially given the awesome power these products can unleash on your betting.

BUT... if you join using direct debit... you can get thirty 30 days completely FREE!

30 Days FREE with Direct Debit

30 Days Free then £47 +VAT per month

Get Instant Access

£1 for 21 Days then £47 +VAT per month

This Is What Race Advisor Pro Gives You...

Betting Speed Evolution

Uses speed figures to find the fastest horse in any race.

EyeCatchers Pro

The greatest runners in the UK and Ireland – tracked!

Racing Dossier

The fantastic ratings and selections software top tipsters swear by

Profit Recall

Super-smart software that analyses every race in seconds to tell you which horse will win

Pace Predictor

The jaw-dropping tool that turns pace ratings into huge profits

VDW Maximiser

Artificial intelligence + the Van Der Wheil method = Victory!

Industry Leading Support

An industry leading support team of pro-bettors who will get you profitable.

From £0 to £16,592

With a 100 point starting bank growing at 698% using the recommended staking plan.

What Our Customers Are Saying

What do our current members think of the strategy?

Hi Guys, What a day!!! Boom over 30 points thanks to VDW Max. 3/4 and a second by a neck. Total after just 9 days is slightly over 52 points. Amazing!! Best still its the easiest method going using the ratings. Keep up the good work.

Pete Cole

Thanks. Won over 20 grand with VDW Maximiser today. £50 win double on Bluberry and Relegate... the system cannot fail!

Colin Sparks

Now I had never heard of Reynolds ratings before the release of RD2 but I used to piddle around with my own formula's, which as it transpired were something akin to the Reynolds ratings . However the Reynolds ratings in RD2 are far superior, they save me so much time and I love them. They are a great addition to RD and I am really pleased with all the work you have done on RD2. I didn't think you could improve RD but I was wrong and I would like to congratulate you on a job well done.

James Iddon

Time for a bit of bragging and thanks.In the last month I have turned £100 into £880 doing small £1 ew patents.

Bob Cottam

At the risk of sounding totally sycophantic I feel I need to compliment Profit Recall yet again!

First week using so paper trading. However this weekend I achieved:

Friday 10 points profit
Saturday 8 points profit
Sunday 0.6 points profit

19.4 points profit for a weekend.

Now that's some return !!!!!!

Fantastic bit of kit and absolutely loving it. Best money I have spent in years of betting.

Many many thanks once again

Stephen Hale

Did a lucky 15 ew which paid £2,973.25 for a £75 bet... Regards and once again many thanks

Tony Rhodes

Hi have been using betting speed evolution for some time now and have just got to say its the best thing ever!!

Tony Moorcroft

If you are struggling, forget the tipsters, forget the free ratings sites and take real note of what the Race Advisor offers in terms of software and the general free advice. I'm quite astounded by my own findings... this guy has totally changed my betting...

Mark Jackson

Hi guys, been using your Profit Recall service for almost 2 weeks, I can honestly say, your software is bang on. I have made over 30 points using a dutching system on the backs. Perhaps the most stress free betting I have ever done, long may it continue, many thanks. I would have made more if I did not cash out in running on some races!

Hamz Rafiq

I've turned £60 on the exchange into £520, I am so, so upset with you Race Advisor :)

Patrick Lynch

I just wanted to share my experience so far with the aid of the Race Advisor.

For me this was a no brainer, you are people with the skills, no how and knowledge of the profession.

My purchase has netted me this far around £120 profit and enjoyed every minute of it!

Frank Lambie

Been using BSE from day one... Thank you for such a great product, have came across nothing that comes close to it for finding winners.

Paul Neeve

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30 Days FREE with Direct Debit

30 Days Free then £47 +VAT per month

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£1 for 21 Days then £47 +VAT per month

What You'll Get Inside

What does the Race Advisor Pro software look like? Watch this video to discover some of what you'll get on the inside.

  • All updates and new features forever
  • Six revolutionary pieces of software worth over £240 a month
  • Free strategies, systems and guides every month
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    Race Advisor Pro community forum
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    Industry leading support

100% SUPPORT Guarantee

Here at The Race Advisor we believe anybody can become a profitable bettor. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to betting. We all have different bankrolls, risk tolerance, time available and preferences to types of betting. Our industry leading support team contains professional bettors who will help you use our services to make them work specifically for you. Available from Monday to Friday, we will work with you on bespoke methods using our services ​to ​make you a profitable bettor in a way that suits you.


30 Days FREE with Direct Debit

30 Days Free then £47 +VAT per month

Get Instant Access

£1 for 21 Days then £47 +VAT per month

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