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  • Jan- 2017 -
    19 January
    All Weather

    All Weather Favourites (the inside track!)

    2016 was an interesting year for favourites on the All Weather. During last year, they only made a small loss of -1.20% (to Betfair SP after commission), while winning 32.83% of their races. Betting them to place would have generated an even smaller loss of -0.38%, and given you 62.80% winning bets. While we know, from having previously tried, it…

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  • Jun- 2016 -
    6 June
    Advicethoroughbred horse

    Making a Profit from Favourites at All Weather Tracks

    In this article I’ll look at the performances of favourites at All-Weather (AW) tracks in the UK. I will focus on Kempton, Wolverhampton, Lingfield and Southwell while leaving out Newcastle since it’s a relatively new AW track. AW tracks get a bad rap as punters have become convinced that they offer little or no value for money; particularly when backing…

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  • May- 2014 -
    5 May
    All Weather Racing Statistics For 2014 1

    All Weather Racing Statistics For 2014

    Back in 2010 I wrote this post about All Weather Racing statistics. I’ve had a number of requests to update it and so, I thought that I would do this today. To do this I’m going to use data from 2013 and then I’ll test it on the data currently available from 2014. In 2013 there was All Weather racing at Dundalk, Kempton, Lingfield,…

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  • Sep- 2012 -
    10 September

    All Weather Favourites

    We are coming towards the beginning of the National Hunt season and All Weather racing is going to start ramping up. With that in mind, I thought it was appropriate to take a look at the statistics of favourites on All Weather tracks today. Let’s start by taking a look at the different All Weather tracks over the last 10…

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  • Jan- 2010 -
    14 January
    Advice12 Easy All Weather Racing Statistics 2

    12 Easy All Weather Racing Statistics

    Nine years ago I wrote a blog post looking at All Weather racing statistics. The summary was… 12 runners or less Horses that Lead the pace Who last raced between 22 and 56 days ago The results from this produced an average of +54 units profit per year at SP odds. Pretty good. The question now is, will these results…

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  • Nov- 2015 -
    11 November
    A 10 Step Guide To Finding Selections On All-Weather For Horse Racing 3

    A 10 Step Guide To Finding Selections On All-Weather For Horse Racing

    I believe that All-Weather (AW) horse racing offers one of the best opportunities to create a winning system. When you know what to look for, it has the potential to be the most profitable of all types of horse racing on offer. Those who hate AW racing say it is too unpredictable but the opposite is actually the case. Then…

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  • Feb- 2021 -
    22 February
    StrategiesHow I Win 81% Of All Horse Races I Bet In And Walk Away A Winner 4

    How I Win 81% Of All Horse Races I Bet In And Walk Away A Winner

    Today I’m going to show you how you can use the top five horses in a horse race to win 81% of races, and make a profit. You can do this even if: You’ve never looked at a horse race before. In this step-by-step case study, I’m going to show you exactly why this works. What You’re Going To Achieve…

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  • Oct- 2017 -
    4 October
    Should You Back Outsiders in Small Fields? 5

    Should You Back Outsiders in Small Fields?

    There is always an element of the unknown when it comes to races with only 3, 4, or 5 runners. In many cases, such events are not run at a ‘true’ pace and are often slow affairs with a fast finish. As a result, the form book makes less sense than normal so surely, punters should look at small fields…

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  • Jan- 2013 -
    23 January

    Punter, Interrupted: Betting During and After Bad Weather

    Generally speaking, National Hunt horses are a little hardier than their Flat counterparts and consequently hold their form for longer. However, prolonged periods of bad weather can throw even the National Hunt formbook into disarray. Freezing temperatures, ice and snow in January and February often lead to numerous fixtures being abandoned, so that trainers’ plans for their horses are thwarted…

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  • Dec- 2020 -
    31 December
    AdviceTracking Horses

    Successfully Tracking Horses (A Regular Punters Authentic Guide)

    Guest post by John Waters Do you know how big Racing is in the British Isles? On a quiet day in the UK there are, perhaps, 4 race meetings. This means a total of 350 runners per day! And… this is over 363 days (COVID-19 allowing). Add in the increased numbers running on Fridays, Saturdays, Festivals and in Ireland, and…

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  • Aug- 2020 -
    3 August
    RA Pro Ratings(GRL10) HORSE RACING RATINGS: Back And Lay To A +538 Unit Profit 6

    (GRL10) HORSE RACING RATINGS: Back And Lay To A +538 Unit Profit

    Horse racing ratings are an integral part of finding a profit from betting on the horses. With more ratings for every horse than any other provider in the UK, we began a public analysis of each one in 2020, and are adding to them regularly. You can see all the ratings in the series here. Some will perform well and…

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  • Nov- 2019 -
    27 November
    AdviceHorse Racing Speed Graphs

    [RACE PREVIEW] The 4 Minute Guide to Horse Racing Speed Graphs In Action

    Today I’m looking at how I go about writing a horse racing race preview using the speed graphs in the Race Advisor Pro Members Club. This is a technique I’ve been using for over a decade, and it’s one of the easiest ways to get started profitably betting. Because the graphs use speed figures, hence the name speed graphs 😆,…

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  • Sep- 2019 -
    11 September
    Strategies[CASE STUDY] The Best Horse Racing Predictions Using Reynolds Ranking 16

    [CASE STUDY] The Best Horse Racing Predictions Using Reynolds Ranking

    In this case study I’m going to be focusing on how you can use Reynolds Ranking ratings in your horse racing predictions. I first came across the Reynolds Ranking scoring method many years ago, reading the content of Dave Schwarz. He’s a US handicapper and bettor who I greatly admire, and who’s come up with a lot of concepts and…

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  • Aug- 2019 -
    6 August
    StrategiesHow We Made £2782.75 Betting Profit From Novice Races 17

    How We Made £2782.75 Betting Profit From Novice Races

    Today I want to share with you how we made £2782.75 betting profit from novice races. Traditionally novice races are considered to be events that you shouldn’t bet on, including ourselves, because we’ve got no idea about how a horse is going to perform. After all… they’ve had no serious experience we can analyse. But despite: Throughout this step-by-step case…

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  • Jun- 2019 -
    12 June
    AdviceThe 4 Steps To Finding Winners Nobody Wants To Tell You 24

    The 4 Steps To Finding Winners Nobody Wants To Tell You

    Wouldn’t it be great if all we needed to be profitable was a single rating, we always bet the top selected and counted our money. Over a decade ago, that was what I thought would happen. Which is why I completely understand when people ask me which of our ratings will make them a flat stake profit by betting the…

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  • May- 2019 -
    22 May
    StrategiesFinding Winners In Fast Sprints 26

    Finding Winners In Fast Sprints

    It’s no uncommon for us to think that finding winners is hard. But the truth is… …it doesn’t have to be! Generally winning approaches have far fewer elements to them than most would believe! Take Mick, one of our members and great forum advocates, his winning approaches he’s generously sharing with other members in the forum, are made up of…

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  • Mar- 2019 -
    9 March
    AdviceHow To Analyse A Race (THE RAPID METHOD) 27

    How To Analyse A Race (THE RAPID METHOD)

    Today I’m going to be using some of the tools at the Race Advisor to analyse a race rapidly. There are two things that are very important in analysing horse races: AccuracySpeed In the modern world, time is the most valuable asset you have. This is partly because modern technology allows us to be in constant contact with other people.…

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  • Mar- 2018 -
    30 March
    NewsReady, Steady, WIN! 31

    Ready, Steady, WIN!

    Good morning folks, Are you ready for some PROFITABLE betting today? We are – because we’re aiming to smash it at Finals Day. Finals Day, as you doubtless know, is the biggest day in All Weather Racing. And the culmination of the All-Weather Championships at Lingfield. Plus, a superb place to make a very decent amount of money. Which is…

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  • Feb- 2018 -
    27 February
    AdviceThe 15:15 at Chelmsford (ripped apart!) 32

    The 15:15 at Chelmsford (ripped apart!)

    With the snow coming down across the country, it makes sense to focus your analysis on All Weather. After all, it’s called All Weather for a reason 😉 The 15:15 at Chelmsford is one of the most valuable races of the day, although with a winners prize fund of £5,434 that’s not saying much! It’s an interesting race because the…

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  • 24 February
    Advice1st Saturday... the dawning of a new era! 38

    1st Saturday… the dawning of a new era!

    This is the first Saturday of the new Race Advisor newsletter and the second of your bi-weekly emails. Today I want to look at betting systems, and a slightly different way of using them than you may have thought of! When we use a betting system we’re pre-conditioned to always bet the horses that the system selects. After all, that’s…

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