How Van Der Wheil Got It Wrong.!

The Anti-Van Der Wheil Betting Strategy That's Going To Make You £1,000's In Profit


Avg. Monthly Profit


Strike Rate


Return On Investment

100 pts


Based On £25 Stakes


Just £47 +VAT

Secret Contenders

A Complete Analysis System Designed To Find
You Winners
Even If You've Never Placed A Bet Before

Have you always wanted to know how to read form and analyse horse racing?

Have you been looking for a method to analyse horses like a pro without being one?

Secret Contenders is a never-before-seen approach to analysing horse races which is an anti-Van Der Wheil. Using information freely available on the Racing Post, it provides a unique scoring method taking into account form, speed, trainer and jockey connections to rate each horse.

Combined with the VDW scoring system (fully explained inside) we can then create a custom Elimination factor to make sure we're only betting on horses that will be profitable.

Not only will you uncover the EXACT approach to analysing a race, we'll also share with you the STEP-BY-STEP calculations to creating the ratings AND then give you a spreadsheet calculator to do them for you!

It doesn't matter if you've never placed a bet before, you could be placing bets and winning like a pro in the next 20 minutes.

This Is What Secret Contenders Gives You...

Start With Just £10 Bets

You don't need a big bankroll, bets of just £10 could make you £290 profit EVERY MONTH!

A ROI Of 34%

That's a 34% return on every single bet! Far superior to other betting strategies.

Winning Bets 16% Of The Time

Make MORE PROFITS by only placing bets on higher odds horses.

£4,305 Profit To Date

Start making serious money. Over £4,305 profit made to one point £25 stakes.

Just 60 Minutes

It only takes sixty minutes a day to analyse races and place your bet, then you can get back to your life.

Industry Leading Support

An industry leading support team of pro-bettors who will get you profitable.

From £0 to £4,305

With a 100 point starting bank growing at 698% using one unit stakes and flat betting!

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Just £47 +VAT

What Our Customers Are Saying

What do our current members think of the strategy?

Like to just say a great system and calculator to proof the bets. Paid for its self in first couple of days and more!

Stephen Maddocks

Hi Guys, What a day!!! Boom over 30 points thanks to VDW Max. 3/4 and a second by a neck. Total after just 9 days is slightly over 52 points. Amazing!!  Best still its the easiest method going using the ratings. Keep up the good work. 

Pete Cole

I had two winners on your system today out of Free Bets not bad Western point... 6-1. First day of betting as well. Now children... 3-1. Hope it continues Ray

Raymond Whiteman

After paper trading most days last week, I traded properly with small stakes on BFair on Saturday and Sunday, and am over the moon – results phenomenal and have made 40.4 points NET PROFIT over 2 DAYS!! Absolutely over the moon.

John Unitt

Thanks... us small time punters rely on people like yourself to sell us systems that work! I would like to think there is not a system on the planet that comes near this. As long as the system stays in operation I plan to retire in two years.

Colin Sparks

I have to saym following Michael's advice will give you more than a good chance of making a profit. For me the game changer came when I watched one of his videos on how to select horses that are in with a good chance on a particular race. What he said made total sense in terms of form, weight, class and winning distances. I initially had a lot of success picking short priced and longer priced winners, but for some reason, call it human nature, you get lazy, you're not as thorough and the success rate drops. I have recently gone back to basics, practicing what Michael was teaching, suddenly the winning bets start to roll in again!

Mark Jackson

Just A Few Of Our Winning Bets!

Just £47 +VAT

What You'll Get Inside

What does the actual betting strategy look like? Get the complete strategy ebook and calculator!

  • £4,305 Profit To Date
  • Make a 34% ROI
  • £725 Monthly Profits

100% SUPPORT Guarantee

Here at The Race Advisor we believe anybody can become a profitable bettor. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to betting. We all have different bankrolls, risk tolerance, time available and preferences to types of betting. Our industry leading support team contains professional bettors who will help you use our services to make them work specifically for you. Available from Monday to Friday, we will work with you on bespoke methods using our services ​to ​make you a profitable bettor in a way that suits you.

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Just £47 +VAT

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