From Broke Punter to Betting Genius

I Did It - And I'll Show You How You Can Too (the good news is, it's easier than ever)

Becoming someone who routinely make life-changing sums of cash from betting doesn't happen overnight.

You don't just wake up and find a wheelbarrow full of cash at the end of the bed.

If only.

You've got to get to the top of the pile - and stay there.

However, there is a shortcut.

Now there's a simple way to join the small group of people who make $$$ from the horses.

And it's one I know better than most.

My own route to being a pro bettor who makes their living from horseracing, the sport I love, was thanks to a magazine.

It's no secret that for a long time, I wasn't making much money from betting at all.

But that all changed when I started reading SmartSigger. (Well, it was called SmartSig at the time.)

And every month it is still the first thing I'll read about horseracing.

Because not only will it help you become part of that small group of punters who win race after race - often regardless of the result...

It'll help you keep up with every movement in the pro betting community, too.

That means...


  • New Strategies
  • Fresh, interesting angles
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Ways to smash the bookies that are more ingenious than the last
  • On top of all that, it's a really great read, too

I liked the magazine so much, that some years ago, when I made enough money from bets, I bought it!

And now we've relaunched it so it's better than ever.

Not just that, but it's filled with more great advice to help you get rich - and stay rich!

That mean more pages.

More brilliant writers.

More strategies to get your teeth into.

More stats to help you get the jump on everyone else.

More fun, more profit, more winning.

Plus, it has an incredibly smart new look.

And if that wasn't enough, we've dropped the price.

Before it was £5.75 a month.

Now, if you've sign up for a year today, you'll get each month's issue for just £2.88.

That is remarkably cheap for a magazine.

Let alone a magazine that can change your life and send money flooding into your account in a matter of days.

Let me introduce you to the winning team.

Each month, you'll hear from a hand-picked group of pro bettors, mathematicians and genius race analysts.

So when the gates open on whatever race you fancy winning, your information has come from the best possible people.

This isn't the analysis you might find floating around for free on the internet.

It's specialist, superb and now we've redesigned the magazine top to bottom, easier to understand than ever.

Each month you'll get to read...


  • The Stat Man: Expert Andy Newton on the month's big races
  • Masterclass: John F Jackson's step-by-step guides to advanced betting
  • Ron Robinson: Incisive commentary from the racing master
  • Racing Insight: Ricky Taylor with analysis that can make you big money
  • Alex Peperell: Tips and tricks from the wildly successful betting pro
  • Stats Lab: John Burke with how to exploit the latest angles in betting

And more!

With around 30 glorious pages of winning advice every single month.

Like me, you can learn and be coached in how to be a pro bettor.

There aren't many quick fixes in this game, but this is one.

Learn how to crack the code and rinse the bookies bet after bet.

And - more importantly - how to keep doing that, too.


Please contact our support team after you join with the two back issues you'd like access to.