Testimonials for the Race Advisor

And voila, hello confidence!

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the advice. I took a few days off from racing and I do feel reset and fresh. I had a long think about everything I do, and came to the conclusion your advice about spending longer on assessing each selection is where I need to improve.

I started a couple of days ago on Aldermist, and my god, how good is that! At the very least it’s improved my confidence. I know it’s only been a couple of days but so far here are my figures after 50 bets on Aldermist with flat stakes of 1 unit.

A/E 1.36

ROI 37.46%

SR 32%

Profit 18.73

And voila, hello confidence!

Mark Filmingham

Keep up the winners with Launch Pad. I’m currently sitting at 94/234 win selections (A/E 1.12) and 40/84 for places (A/E 0.97) with a total ROI of 14.91%, which is a big improvement following your helpful comments about being less risk averse. Unfortunately, I backed all but the one winner (Reams Of Love) yesterday so there must be some kind of analytical wizardry with your metrics as it didn’t look the strongest on form alone!

However, it’s also worth noting that I have the Launch Pad back bets as providing cumulative profit of 26.22pts (odds taken / BOG) across all selections, with the Lay To Win contenders providing 13.5pts at SP (probably need to deduct a few points for laying at BSP instead mind you). So overall, even backing/laying all selections would provide a valuable tipping service in its own right!

Ben Jervis

The Masterpiece Was … About Learning To Be A Loser Before You Could Be A Winner

Can I first of all thank you for all the informative emails and the available video sessions. The Masterpeice was the email that was about learning to be a loser before you could be a winner.

It outlined all the reasons why in nearly 60 years of backing horses I still cannot turn an annual profit!

The cardinal sin was as a former banker I preached to customers that they should not start a new business without having more than enough capital to cover the worst case scenarios.
In tandem with many businesses that fail I probably needed 3 times the size of betting bank I needed for each venture.
I am retired and only bet to small stakes but even now I am inspired by you emails to put my betting on a more professional basis. I have placed your most informative articles in a separate file which I will read again on a regular basis.
Thank you for all your hard work, honesty, and excellent articles.
Kind Regards.
Peter Crilley
Hi Michael,
So glad I returned to Launchpad with a different mindset. Previously I took the contenders in isolation and applied FMFR. This ignored the fact that it was already a foundational strategy that had value built in. I now look at these with a view to betting them unless there is a very strong reason not to. I have also changed mindset and not look beyond win only bets. Last two days been very successful with 6 winners ( not places). Yesterday the only one I avoided was odds on and I thought there was more risk than the odds suggested – horse lost easily.
John Gibson

Picked two winners at $8.27 and $3.23


I didn’t get a chance to watch your training session live but I have watched the replay.

Absolutely blown away!

I have watched you work with speed graphs before but it just didn’t sink in.

The training session however really hit the mark. Makes good sense now.

Had a practice on Goodwood yesterday and picked two winners at $8.27 and $3.23 and two seconds out of 6 races I looked at.

I really like your idea of lower class AW races though so I am going to start looking at them.

Very excited. 

This will also complement the Foundation #1 strategy as well.

Thank you so much for the video.

I hope everyone else is having as much fun as I am!

I will let you know how I go and I will no doubt have more questions but I have plenty to work on now.

Many, many thanks.


Simon Parker

Good Evening,

Absolutely mind blow at the day one success, used the 4 best VDW on the daily digest and 3/4 landed. £197.50 up already. What time do the daily digest emails get sent? I can’t wait for the next ones. I only received it mid afternoon today as I only joined after lunch.
Will be using them until I familiarise myself with the system on the website.
Christopher McCafferty

10 horses at all courses 6 won

Hi Michael, I read your article about U.S. and South Africa horse racing. Well I follow both, found South African racing you can find winners nearly everyday.

10 Horses at all courses 6 won from 15/8 to 10/1 two placed at 12/1 16/1

As I don’t bet large amounts I still made my target of over £50, best day was 10/1 with 2/1 Single each way, double paid £49, think roughly profit for week was £80 + or so.

Only two bets in USA, one win too!


Graham Jakeman

An Extremely ‘Positive’ Addition To The ‘Racing Fan’s Arsenal

I believe that your work (and postings) have been an extremely ‘positive’ addition to the ‘racing fan’s arsenal.
Dexter Hinton

I Am So Amazed And Grateful At The Help You And Your Team Are Providing

Further to my earlier message I sent you today , I’ve now discovered that I am being given the AvB match betting option on my Betfair screen . I didn’t realise that it only appears on Betfair quite near the race start time (just looked at your splendid YouTube 2 Horse Challenge )

I was surprised to find that the two Betfair customer service advisors didn’t know what the AvB option was! They seemed to think it was a special promotion, which as I have been advised by them, are not available to me.

Anyway , my betting is not now affected, and I can carry on as usual!

I am so amazed and grateful at the help you and your team are providing to us ” punters “, I really look forward to my improving success.


Gerry Price

How Much I Enjoyed

Hi Michael

Just a quick word to say how much I enjoyed your most recent video describing and explaining the latest upgrades to RA Pro.  In particular I welcome the new results feature which saves me the time to have to obtain the information from other websites.  It is very informative and compact and I can use this to develop my Eyecatcher selections.
Keep up the good work.
Bill Seymour

Had The Most Successful Cheltenham Ever!

Hi Michael 

Just thought I would drop you a email hope yourself and family are good and well had the most successful Cheltenham ever thanks to your genius race cards it’s a weekend off the betting bloody long four days thank you so much and I will say it again your a scientist end of lockdown nearer which will make betting even better with a 🍺keep up the top work 🐎👌

Ian Phillips

I Feel Confident In My Choice

Hi Michael, just a thank you note for those really useful cession during Cheltenham. It was fun, entertaining and I did get round your “teachings” quite easily.

Whilst returns during the festival weren’t the ones I believe we thought I do not hold any grudge on RA as those races were extremely competitive with factors that cannot be quantified by any software. If the 100meters Olympic final Winner would be so predictable then it won’t be a show (although with Usain..).

RA just helped me doing an more educated choice which somehow bought a certain level of confidence before each races that I watched. My point is only after few weeks joining in, I feel confident in my choice of joining it (and you) and look forward seeing in action this wonderful software in more “predicted races.

Thank you for the Toy you offered to someone geeky like me 😀

Philippe Rolo

I have enjoyed my time with yourself and the group…

I have enjoyed my time with yourself and the group…

Carl Jones

Frankly I Am Blown Away

Hi Michael
Great new features. Frankly I am blown away by all the improvements you have made since I joined less than a year ago. Way beyond my expectations. You and your development team are to be congratulated.
John Bell

Game Changing Tools

Thank you again for both your tireless efforts and the game changing tools. 5 wins,2 placed out of 6 races selected by the systems today, all thanks to you and your team.

Philippe Tsolakis

It Pays Off Handsomely!

Thought I would try the jockey & trainer strike today with careful consideration and it pays off handsomely that’s Xmas paid for hats off to you sir 👌

Ian Phillips

Over +120 Points Profit This Weekend!

Hi Michael,

Just to let you know, on Saturday, the ***** rating did not change and I got this big horse at @94!!! Over 120 pts this weekend.  I am really excited about this strategy. But it is only based on **** rating.
The thing is: with all data you have on past race cards, all years ended with nice profits!!

Your Endless Energy And Enthusiasm Has Been A Real Tonic And Taken Me On A Journey To Successful Profitable Betting

Hi Michael

Many thanks for your email and thank you so much for all the hard work you put into making The Race Advisor such a superb resource. During a challenging year your endless energy and enthusiasm has been a real tonic and taken me on a journey to successful profitable betting.
Graham Mitchell

88% Win Rate… Over +1000 Points Profit!

The pleasure was mine. I have found a lay system with an 88% win rate, 99.9% reliability and over 1,000 pts profit. Have a merry Christmas .
James Black

18 Winners In 1 Day!

Best day by far yesterday using the fabulous.
Race Advisor Pro 18 winners thank you so Michael your a genius 👌
Ian Phillips

It Won At 30/1 🎉

Two days ago, there was a horse in strategy #5 that no one wanted to back. I did just a place 90/10 on top of another one and it win at 30/1!
Thanks for that Michael!
Philippe Tsolakis

An Impressive Piece Of Kit

Afternoon Michael,
Just a quickie to say I really enjoyed the Aldermist session this morning.
I was only a coinflip away on the last race from grabbing the mug…lol
I had the race pegged at 2 outsiders Accidental Agent, Maria’s Diamond and Terebelum. I jumped on the wrong outsider….lol
I am hoping I am free the next time you run one of these sessions.
I have actually been having a bit of fun on an evening with Aldermist over the last week and it is quite an impressive piece of kit that works amazingly well.
Best regards
James Iddon

Coming From You Guys Makes All The Difference

Having subscribed to your 105/109 (Favourites That Win), just thought I would offer my 10 cents worth and tell you how much I like it:
I don’t normally follow that type of (Tracking) but coming from you guys makes all the difference, so upwards and onwards and don’t spare the horses:
I can smell success all the way with this one:
Gordon Mills
Gordon Mills

You’re An Absolute Bloody Genius

Michael I hope other members tell you that your an absolute bloody genius you have a gift my good man 👌

Ian Phillips

Still Picking Out Winners Day In Day Out

Hi Michael
Not dropped you an email for a while hope all is well with another lockdown here hope yourself and family are good still picking out winners day in day out with this absolutely brilliant Race Advisor Pro 👌
Ian Phillo

I Would Like To Thank You For This

Dear Mr Wilding.
Yesterday you gave us a nice winner on the strategy #3 and i would like to thank you for this.
It was the first time i use the strategy and i checked it against my other card and it worked.
But then what else should we expect from someone whose name is synonymous with the new way to manage British landscape kinder  to Mother Earth?
Kind regards
Philippe Tsolakis

I Made 20 Points In The Last 33 Days

I made 20 points in the last 33 days, which I’m pretty happy about. Especially since it’s never easy this time of the year. Can I take this opportunity to thank you again for your help and patience in making this happen.

Iain Moran

You Went Out Of Your Way To Help Me

Your  SUCCESS is well deserved. I will never forget in the early days of Race Advisor. I attended your recent webinar and observed that virtually all the info brought up had been brought up along the years gone by. I am certain your new customers will appreciate your approach as I have. Michael you are a man of decent character, you went out of your way to help me when it would have been much easier to ignore me. I was  a member for a long time and made comprehensive notes which I still refer to this very day.


I Have Gone From A Small Winner Into Something So Much More

I would like to give a massive thank you to Michael and everyone involved with Race Advisor.

Just this month I have gone from a small winner into something so much more. Currently standing at 95.86 points profit.

My old system was doing okay but since the 11/10 I have had just 7 losers out of 43 selections and made 93 of those 95 points.

It was on the 10th that I decided to overhaul my system after watching a lot of the videos on the YouTube channel, they are literally absolute gold. I was always looking for favourites but have honed in on the favourite favourite’s..

I have attached a shot of the selections since the 13th (couldn’t fit the 11th and 12th in) Green is win, yellow is place and red are no place. Each selection is staked 20/80 win/place and minimum odds on the place is 1.25 otherwise it is a win only bet. I use BSP and set and forget in the morning.

Thank you all.


Testimonials for the Race Advisor 1

James Black

ELITE Site 👍

Didn’t like anything towards Drumconnor Lad I always stick with what Race Advisor stats Flashing Glance 👌the Race Advisor is one huge tip thank you Michael for this opportunity to join this ELITE Site 👍

Ian Phillips

The Best Thing I Ever Did!

Hi Michael ,

Feel very privileged to be a member now, best thing I ever did, and for the first time ever in my life I feel I am going the right way forward now with my all time aim to be a profitable bettor !

What makes this site different from the rest is how much work that you put in to help others along the way to learn.

I do feel that I’ve wasted most of my life in making mistake after mistake in joining many many services for no reward.

You will in the file I have put up see how well I have been doing with the foundational strategies, what has made the most difference though is to then implement the FMFR technique into the selections.

Please let us know when the new videos come up in the horse racing success area.



Stephen Arnold

It’s Only Since I Joined This Site I’ve Shown Any Discipline

Testimonials for the Race Advisor 2

John Waters

Race Advisor Brightens My Day

All talk is covid 19 then I log in to the  Race Advisor and it brightens up my day. Absolutely quality Michael. People in work keep asking me in were I come up with consistent winners, so I can see more members coming your way have a good weekend all be it stuck indoors hate rain.
Ian Phillips

Brilliant Piece Of Software

It’s a brilliant piece of software & its given me plenty of winners


I Trebled My Bank In 1 Day!

Hi Michael

I won’t be the first or the last to tell you today using your software and clear video instructions I trebled my bank
Ok the truth I started with £50 but staking 20/80 @ £10 (which I know is too much % wise)
I wrote down your instructions using VDW video and followed it
I am AMAZED at how good today’s selections performed
Im not a complete newbie Ive tried many ‘so called systems’ but never experienced a day like today
What I like and I’m not blowing smoke up yer poo shoot is the fact you put yourself on screen and actual help people unlike some of the chancers Ive sent money to
Hope tomorrow and next day and next day and…… are good also
But a big thumbs up from me today/


Chris Higgins


This site in one word Michael AMAZING 👌

Ian Philips

A Goldmine Of Information And Advice

The RA Pro is a goldmine of information and advice.

Fred Ryder

Out of 7 selections you had 4 winners (one was at 12/1 ISP) Outrageous! 😃

After the training on Monday evening re. Using the Daily Stat Pack, I followed yesterday’s Stat Pack Selections with interest. Out of 7 selections you had 4 winners (one was at 12/1 ISP) and 1 second. Outrageous! 😃.  I for one will definitely be taking more notice of the stat pack in future!

John Bell

I Should Never Have Left Race Advisor

Other ratings services were too hit and miss so I let their subscriptions expire and returned to the one that I should never have left Race Advisor. Your advice has always made sense.


Your ‘Success Bridge’ Video Was Really Inspiring

Your ‘success bridge’ video was really inspiring, I believe the info will help me to develop my lay strategy in the future.

Sean Ladyman

Your Software Is Amazing!

I really do think your software is amazing!

Richard Bott

The Features For Race Advisor Pro Are Epic!

I think the features for Race Advisor Member Pro is epic, way above anything available else where.


Your Ratings Are Amazing!

Your ratings are amazing and I think they will really help my model. I just don’t have the time to build them into it yet.
Jack Paterson

Bordering 90% Of Races That Make A Profit So Far

I simply cannot believe that strike rate. It’s bordering the 90% races of that nature that make a profit so far. And there is room for other systems(methods) depending on the race situation.

Philippe Tsolakis

A Big Thank You For Quietly Changing The Game

Since you started to model my brains. My strike rate of 14%all together as changed to the similar strike rate but much better odds for that kind of races (and system to use) and 60-75% for general flat handicaps, to 85+% wins on specific ones.

I just need to learn how to plan and stake properly now and not to keep betting outside the boundaries.

So a big thank you and well done for changing quietly the game.

Philippe Tsolakis

I Can’t Quite Believe It!

As a new member I have to send this as I have been very pleased with the VDW ratings and at the moment am concentrating on those.
I have been moderately successful, however, today, Saturday 18th July, I can’t quite believe it.
2 fantastic winners, chosen solely from the ratings with a small cross reference with one of my own filters.
3.25 Newbury , Cabaletta, I got 16 on BF  WON
3.40 York,         Make My Day  10   BF       WON
Thank you, the ratings are the best I have ever used.
Karen Rodgerson

I have never encountered such an impressive blog

I have never encountered such an impressive blog on the subject of factors in creating odds. It combines solid mathematical ideas with clear explanations, common sense and creative insights. Thank you very, very much Mr Wilding; it’s been a long search!

Malcolm Alan

It’s paying dividends today

Last nights video was awesome and it’s paying dividends today what a betting ride your putting us on wonderful stuff Michael 👌

Ian Philo

That 50-1 Shot Yesterday Was A Beauty

​Hi there mate,

Just want to start off by saying I’ve been playing around with the site the last couple of days since joining and I’m really liking the interface, so thanks for the creation! Had a few punts using some selections I’ve picked and managed to bag some really nice ones! That 50-1 shot yesterday was a beauty. That being said I understand those won’t always come in (Step 3 email!)

William Bonner

What an invention this is!

These cards this system is absolutely outrageous what an invention this is
Michael 👌

Ian Phillo

Paying Out Handsomely… Brilliant Stuff!

Top PFP results paying handsomely both Ascot and Newmarket 🐎££ hats off to you Michael brilliant stuff

Ian Phillo

I’m Betting On You

I’m betting on you GO MICHAEL 🍾🍸

Ainsley Mcvey

What A Wonderful And Professional Racing Site

Hi Michael sorry to be a pain but want to say thank you for introducing me
to the Race Advisor what a wonderful and professional racing site ain’t
seen nothing like it WOW 😊🐎£

Ian Phillo

Science GENIUS

Michael your cards are like science GENIUS

Ian Phillo

Managed To Get A Winner Or Two

Thank you for your email. Really enjoyed the live Facebook today and
managed to get a winner or two as well. I do like the software so thank you
for that!

All the best

Darren Martin

You have enlightened me with answers I couldn’t even formulate the questions for!

I am still in the process of training myself to more consistent and to follow your guidelines better. Now you have enlightened me with answers I couldn’t even formulate the questions for. Not only that but you are a bettor, a successful one as well, and someone really committed to making us successful in spite of us if it is what it takes. It all gives you the credit necessary to our layman eyes to trust you and go for the leap of faith.

Phillipe Tsolakis

Yours betting book is now one of my favourites!

Dear Michael,

I trust that you are well. I have just purchased you betting book and I would like to compliment you on it’s quality. I have been reading and collecting racing books for over forty years and yours is now one of my favourites.


Jude Barreto

I’ve used a lot of software in the past but this is really something else

Ok, so its taken me about a week to go through the 18 vids in the training section and I had a go last night using the Monte Carlo simulator and Aldermist.

I’m blown away by the quality of content here and how it’s designed. I’ve used a lot of software in the past but this is really something else.

Your suggestion of the 3 step strategy looks very appealing and tailored to my betting personality and will be something I’ll be implementing once normal racing resumes.

Thank you.

Neil Walsh

Aldermist Is Absolute Genius

Your service and support is terrific, and Aldermist is absolute genius!

Graham Shuttleworth

A Brilliant Idea

I think this virtual race you have put on your site is a brilliant idea…. I can work out my best way to use it now. Well done you.

Sharon Potts

Brilliant… It’s Invaluable!

Loving the the software there’s so much info to consider, it’s invaluable.


My bank went from 140 points to 200 in a SINGLE DAY!

Hello Michael, I thought you might be interested in my efforts today. I chose only class 1 and 2 races, today all of which were at Cheltenham. For this exercise I ‘dutched, each-way’ the horses from my MC simulation.

Results as follows:-

Race 1. 13:30 – win
Race 2. 14:10 win place place
Race 3. 14:50 place place place
Race 4. 15:30 place place place
Race 5. 16:10 place
Race 6. 16:50 win place place
Race 7. zilch

My bank went from 140 points to 200.

Early days but promising.

Graham Shuttleworth

Yours Is A Peerless Product

Yours is a peerless product… great for the forensic bettors who love stats and probability tools garnered by your team

Brian Fowler

+200 Points Profit PER MONTH!

I wish to ask for your permission to post some selections on the forum from which I’ve been using your data to achieve just over 200 points profit per month from four systems.

Mark Catton

I’d give it 10 stars out of 5 if I could!

Just wanna start off by saying your website is excellent. I’d give it 10 stars out of 5 if I could.

Shane Gilks

3/3 winners today!

Testimonials for the Race Advisor 3

William Priest

This email is one of the most “real” I’ve read in a long time.

Recently I receive a lot of unrealistic emails.

I am gambling for a living and was beta tester of the ra pro along time ago. (No longer subscribe – don’t know why).

This email is one of the most “real” I’ve read in a long time.

Good job Michael!


Fantastic 40/1 Winner Today


Fantastic, 40/1 winner today, 4.35 Leopardstown – Darling Daughter.

(Monte Carlo Simulator )

Don Copnell

I rate you as the (Oracle) of British Horse Racing (Bar Non)

Hi Michael

I just finished listening to your very first podcast: I cannot partake in your every day brilliant program because of my concentration retention problem, but what a difference your podcasts make: I can soak up all your info in stages to suit my retention ability (Or Lack Of).

I really will look forward to your future podcasts because I am certain they will be equal to the Eldorado of racing in the UK, I rate you as the (Oracle) of British Horse Racing (Bar Non).

I have already subscribed to your very inexpensive method of 3 or 4 tips per month program. (Two Selections–Two Winners) On the other hand, I really do acknowledge your brilliance in providing the means for your clients to dig out their own selections from the software you offer, at least that way if they don’t get it right, you don’t get it wrong: (Very Clever), but your software is second to none making your program the best in the business:

It is your apparent honesty which appeals to me the most: You do not try to sell an unreachable dream, but concentrate on the nitty-gritty of everyday life at the track with all its pitfalls, etc laid bare:

You are a very clever operator Michael, but because of your: “Honest Broker” approach you manage to keep a sense of proportion intact so everyone is in no doubt where you are coming from and believe me, that is a rare commodity in the Horse Racing Game.

Power to your arm Michael and I will end this message in the future hope that one day you will offer dopes like me the chance to purchase the inside knowledge from your head on race days:

Good Luck For The Future. You deserve to win:
Gan Canny Mate
Gordon Mills

Gordon Mills

An absolutely incredible tool…nothing compares!

Race Advisor Pro is an absolutely incredible tool. I have been dabbling for a few years now and can honestly say nothing compares. The information/stats are spot on, I love it and for me it is a vital tool.


Out of 25 bets… only 4 haven’t come in!

Hi Michael

Just wanted to thank you for your brilliant software and your amazing ability to show people how to read a race card. Out of 25 bets today ( mixture of win and place bets), with one race to go, only 4 have not come in.

I cannot thank you enough for showing me how to profit from horse racing.

Many heartfelt thanks


Paul Carter

Excellent Stuff!

Just watched recording of last night’s broadcast excellent stuff

Stephen Vaughan

I consider you as the Alpha and the Omega on horse racing in Britain today

I consider you as the Alpha and the Omega on horse racing in Britain today. There is no other greater than you… There are not many guys (Like Yourself) in the business who go out of their way to accommodate others wherever and whenever it is possible to do so. That is what set you apart from the rest.

Gordon Mills

I can not repay you enough for everything

Hi Michael,

I have no problems with you using any of what I sent you. I can not repay you enough for everything I have learnt from you and to use your amazing data you have worked so hard to bring to all of us every day punters!!

I just clicked on the 7 day profit / loss…

Testimonials for the Race Advisor 4

More profit today!! In one week 83.44 points profit after commission!!

I seriously can’t thank you enough!!

Best regards


Mark Cotton

A total of 198.45 points in around 22 days

Dear Michael,

Early December it felt like Christmas had come early for me. I wanted to find some long shots and used just a few fields. Downloading your data was simple, but using my own calculations of this data and eliminating the selections that score too high or low, left me with a number of selections each day. At first appearance I thought this can not work as a number of races had two selections selected. However I remembered your mail on what to do when you have more than one selection in a race, with that in mind I continued to trial it. I also was concerned that some selections was still low on odds, in fact between 2.0 and 50. After a couple of days it seemed to be decent.

So on the 11th I decided to put money on these selections, only £2 on win and place BSP. The place seemed best at the start and I doubled up the stake on the place. Things change and the winners soon began to be more profitable.

December didn’t have too many racing days due to Christmas, but my system ended up to level stakes +127.59 (Win +94, place +33.59) Pretty dam impressive if I say so myself!! With that success in mind and a bit of extra cash in the account, I started January with £5 win and place bets.

At the close of play today 6th January from the 1st January I’ve made a profit of +£354.33 after commission of 5% deducted, so 70.86 points profit. A total of 198.45 points in around 22 days.

Of course I’m very excited about this system, but its all down to using your data and your advice!!! If I didn’t have either I would never have made such a profit in such a short time!! Please let your members know that with hard work, perseverance and the data your provide and all the excellent advice, it’s possible to achieve something very special.

I have an eye problem that there is no cure for and I know it’s early days but it gives me hope that when I have to give up work, I might be able to support myself or at least subsidise my pension and enjoy watching my favourite sport, even more so when the bigger odds come in!!

So thank you so much for all the data you make available and the great advise you offer everyone.

The best news is I have so many other systems to explore…. the choice is endless!!

Once again Thank you so much Michael, I wish you all the very best.

Best regards


Mark Cotton

What a day both Treacysenniscorthy & Sumos Novios Bsp 29.5 both winning

What a day both Treacysenniscorthy & Sumos Novios Bsp 29.5 both winning 😀 😀 after a R4 in the 1st thats somewher around 11.5pts on the day Sumos gave me more money as it was Bog so went of higher odds, if all saturdays where like this.

On another note i use a list of top horses which perform well under certain conditions, i matched the list using Monte Carlo set on std the only one that was top was Apples Jade so backed that at 3/1 earlier this morning 😀.

So fantastic day punting.

Jeffrey Rees

It would be foolish of me not continue my subscription

Hi Michael thanks for your seasonal good wishes which are heartily reciprocated. I’m really glad I signed up to Race Advisor not because I’ve made loads of money using your systems, strategies etc. but because I’ve saved more than my initial outlay on exercising self control and looking more closely at my bets and strategy.

I’m still getting used to using Race Advisor and it would be foolish of me not continue my subscription when the current offer expires.

Looking forward to 2020 and receiving your major releases



Bill Seymour

Wailea Nights 16/1 winner, I got 25/1

Michael, thank you again, yesterday, 6.00 Wolverhampton, Wailea Nights 16/1 winner, I got 25/1, Regards, Don.

Don Copnell

You gave me yesterday 3.30 Haydock produced the winner Newtown Boy 14/1

Michael, thank you for your information yesterday,the last VDW Race You gave me yesterday 3.30 Haydock produced the winner Newtown Boy 14/1, Again, thank You, Don.

Don Copnell

RA paid for a full day out for 8 people hospitality at Newbury

Evening Michael

This might be a more appropriate photo being as it was RA that paid for a full day out for 8 people hospitality at Newbury and the night out after:-) It was an amazing day and I would never have done it without you and as an added bonus I had another £500 waiting for me when I got home.

best regards


James Iddon

I had 4/4 winners today

Hi Michael

This is to let you know that it couldn’t be going better, following your Webinar last week. So far, I am 5 Wins and 1 loss at 80:20 bets and 9 Wins and 4 losses at Dutching using the Bet Angel advanced dutching tool. Your stress on due diligence on contenders is very well placed. It is the bets I am not making that are making all the difference. My strike rate is improving all the time and I had 4/4 winners today. Many thanks for the excellent materials on the website.


Brian Frew

Brian Few

3 winners from 4 bets

Testimonials for the Race Advisor 5

Martin Aylett

Today I have three winners from three simulations

Hello Michael,

Today I have three winners from three simulations. All favourites and I’m paper trading, but who cares, a great result!

Best regards.

Douglas McCabe

Douglas McCabe

I had 9 winners over the last two days

Hi Michael

I had 9 winners over the last two days using this system on just standard.

Thanks for the quick replies and support.


Hugh Carty

The Monte Carlo Simulator is simply amazing

No need to respond Michael…this is just a quick e-mail to say thank you for doing that and I have to say the monte carlo simulator is simply amazing.

The amount of work you must have put into this is to make it work so well is astounding and I take my hat off to you and your colleagues.

I reran my main picks for today and instead of having 3 out of 6 winners it went up to 5 out of 6 and the other one was 3rd. This was again similar to what I was managing last week 5/6 4/5 and 3/5 and one dodgy day (but I put that down to the weather and the poor horses sinking to their bellies in mud…lol)

looking forward to tomorrow:-)

Best regards


James Iddon

+190 points to level stakes

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Mick McCormack

I’ve seen the light!

Hi Michael

Ok, I’ve seen the light! Last night I watched the Webinar and of course it answers all my questions regarding an each way favourites strategy. The main thing I was missing was the correct percentage of the bank to use in addition to the selection process, though I managed to get fairly close I think. I totally appreciate that you left me to work out this for myself rather than just straight out telling me. The learning process is the most important part of the thing. I’m an experiential learner.

I got here after reading Adam Kucharski’s book “The Perfect Bet” by the way. This showed me the value of statistical analysis in sports betting and put me on the right direction. I have been through the same learning process regarding tipsters as yourself. I signed up to two pretty good ones, Ron Williams and “BetAlchemist”, but I had serious downswings with both that I just couldn’t cope with psychologically, even though I understood that such things were to be expected, just as you have to learn to live with variance in poker. When I ended up with my bank back where it started (after many months) I packed it in. At least it helped me keep the few ungubbed Bookies accounts I still have!

I’ll be adopting the process you set out in future, but I will continue to work my little strategy test just out of interest really.

I’ve also been experimenting with dutching on the exchange, so your post the other day was highly relevant to me also. I had a go yesterday and won both times, so I think that will be my next developmental line. I was mainly trading the field in races up to 8 runners, which I managed to do successfully. It just took a lot of time, which is why I gave up on it in the end.

Keep up the good work!

Brian Frew

Brian Few

Btw monte carlo system is outstanding

 Btw monte carlo system is outstanding

Alex Bradley

I had wins with Dimino Darling and Magnestised

Hi Michael, quick up date on MCS…excellent! Today at Newbury was amazing! It picked out high odds winners, With respect, Acquitted, Colony Queen, Molls memory and numerous second, third places. At Doncaster, I had wins with Dimino Darling and Magnestised…and this was even without opening a Racecard! Then I ran out off brain power…I cannot wait to get up early and starting on Cheltenham! Thank you so much!!! Kathryn

Kathryn Henry

A 22/1 at Newbury… Amazing!

Lord above! First race of the day using the new MCS, a 22/1 at Newbury…No Respect. Amazing!

Kathryn Henry

Winners 53.59% of the time

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Mick McCormack

Simply the best

You have done an amazing job with being able to export PR and VDW when downloading racecard data…so I was wondering:-)

do you have plans or would you be able to do the same with the Reynolds rankings?

I know it is not a simple thing but being able to download them on a spreadsheet is by far and away faster than trying to do it race by race online.

That was it really…..oh! and a little feedback.

Love the changes you have made and well worth the price increase, still outstanding value for what I get and you get the Tina Turner award of being ‘Simply the best’ and ‘Better than all the rest’ for all your horse racing needs in one place.

have a good day


James Iddon

You’re a genius

Hello everyone, new member here.  Just thought I would say a big thank you to Michael for all the hard work that goes into this site and for all the emails I have received over the years.  Joined last week after the webinar (which was great), and there is so much information available here and lots to learn. For me this is great as I love learning.  Started with zero knowledge roughly 4 years ago after asking a neighbour if she was putting a lottery ticket on as it was a roll over, her reply was she would rather stick 2 pound on a horse’s backside and that’s where it began.  she showed me how to write out a double and I did a pound e/w on a 20/1 and a 16/1 which both came in. Delighted but knew if was beginner’s luck, and that there was so much more to this I began my journey of learning about horses/racing.  Still got a long way to go.  

I came across Michael and other tipsters, of which I wanted to see what they were picking so I could look and maybe learn something.  But Michael was the only one that offered his knowledge on how to work things out and of which I always appreciated. The only tipster’s email I would open eagerly as I knew the knowledge would be valuable.

Enjoying the training videos and finding my way round things and was doing paper bets until today when I placed .25p e/w on Bodyline which I got at 50/1  and an e/w bet .25p on Magic Twist. Absolutely delighted. Bodyline 1st and Magic Twist 2nd I did this today instead of paper bets as yesterday I had 3 1sts 7 2nd’s and 6 3rds.   

Thank you Michael – you’re a genius Smile

Audrey Nichol

Terrific results

Just a short note to say I am very impressed with your software.

I have discovered a niche which is giving terrific results laying certain selections.

I will post details on the forum when I more have more results.

Also please can you remind me of the selection rules from your last webinar regarding place betting.

Kind regards,

Dave Keogh.

David Keogh

PR Odds ratings have been incredible!

Hi Michael, I must say very impressed with site and data, PR Odds ratings have been incredible. That is all, just been very impressed since I started trial, data is a++

Adrian Scott

My first day using race advisor website was amazing

Just had to let you know how i got on today, my first day using race advisor website was amazing these are some of my results game and set 10/1 placed

Da dou ron ron won 100/30

annie angel won 8/15

sleeping lion placed 5/1

jens boy won 2/1

duneflower won 11/1

hamish macbeth won 9/4

compton poppy won 16/1

arigato won 6/1

gilt edge placed 10/1

Thanks Sue


The product is absolutely outstanding

Very interesting..I’ve learnt a lot from that. The product is absolutely outstanding and looking forward to honing my skills with it. Thanks for your time.

Michael West

All my costs have been covered, I am still well in profit

Nice response Michael,

I have been with RA a while now and I think what you all do is great.

I have developed my own excel sheets through RD and I just thought I would attach a little spreadsheet from yesterdays racing endorsing your approach to minimising a field….I do a mixed bag of dutching and place betting on a daily basis

I regularly find little nuggets that are unlikely to win but offer excellent place value and I would never have been able to do this without you and your colleagues help and guidance over the years.

Like everything you need to put a little work in to get results its impossible to wave a magic wand and say there’s ten winners for today but a nice steady and consistent approach with some quality ratings and we can all make a steady little income.

I have been doing this for something like 5 years plus through RA and all my costs have been covered I am still well in profit….yes we all get losing days but in the long run a steady profit can be made but it will not be gifted to you…a bit of donkey work is still required…nowt in this world comes free…lol

I have taken the bulk of the spreadsheet out but this was what I chopped yesterdays racing down to with the results… yesterday was a very good day but using your approach to reduce a field has provided me with many similar days.

In summary, it is a crying shame that someone can knock a rock solid approach.

best regards


Testimonials for the Race Advisor 8

Testimonials for the Race Advisor 9

James Iddon

It went on win at 11.00 SP

Hi Michael,

I was so irritated by your troll that I just want you know how good I thought it was. As you know I am a newbie to your site and still struggling. I read your article several times and tried a few races. A good few races didn’t seem to suggest much, but I found two races that provided meaningful results.

The first race was Haydock 15:30 which produced two good horses Tukhoom and Global Spirit. Global Spirit was placed and Tukhoom came no where. Tukhoom was though the tip for the day on the Geegeez site, so was obviously a good bet and I was pleased that I managed to find this on my own.

The second race was Perth 15:40 and one horse stood out Golden Town. There were 3 contenders but Golden Town stood out to me as the best. It went on win 11.00 SP. It was 9.4 on Betfair when I did the analysis.

I was only paper trading, and I know I was extremely lucky. I am certainly not expecting this to happen again for some while. It did though give me boost in my endeavours. If your troll wants big priced winners, they will occur if he puts in the work and waits.

Thanks for your help and support

Paul Cackett

Paul Cackett

Brilliant work

This information makes so much sense and I had not thought about it this way. Very enlightening. Will you be moving on to the advanced techniques as well. If you do I would be interested in purchasing the pro membership. Brilliant work.


There’s a great deal of wisdom available on the RA site

Many thanks Michael, I really appreciate you doing this.

I’m really looking forward to future competitions. Like most of the threads on the Forum I believe they contain valuable lessons about betting. It’s a shame more people don’t see the educational aspects in the threads and comps and are simply looking for a ready-made road to riches. There’s a great deal of wisdom available on the RA site if you pay attention and take the time to look.

Thanks again,


Andrew Paffett

Nice winner yesterday

Got nice winner yesterday @ 4.20 circus maximus !!!!!

Jason Chapman

Now £750 better off

Loving this membership.

Analysis this morning gave me Ardera Cross, nearly didn’t bet on it as was being given no chance but followed through and now £750 better off for it. That’s my subscription covered for a bit.

Thanks for the great tools you provide Cool Laugh

Brad Burns

Without a doubt, the best I’ve ever seen

If you’re interested in finding your own race selections, you must give this a trial.The Race Advisor Pro Bettors Club provides superb race cards packed with lots of information to find winning selections.However, the icing on the cake must be the 11 Training Videos to guide you through the selection process. They’re, without a doubt, the best I’ve ever seen. Finally, a Strategy section, Knowledgebase, active Forum and many extras that will be added over time, complete the offering. *

*If you need to ask a question, Michael and his team will answer you, through the Chat feature, via email or through the Forum. I’ve contacted them myself and can vouch for the super fast, efficient service.

Geoffrey Milward

A joy

I cannot tell you what a joy this system is.

Kathryn Henry

Very good service

Thanks for the pointers Michael. The e-mail arrived and I have been steadily working my way through the training videos, strategies and betting masters course. I’ll start a thread when I’ve given things some more thought and I have a clearer idea of what I’m looking for.

Thanks also for the swift changes, that’s very good service.

Andrew Paffitt

Just Brilliant

Everything you have ever done has been superb, I am not surprised by all of this, just brilliant

Martin Foster

I’m very well impressed!!!

Thank you Michael for your reply, I’ve signed up and already I’m very well impressed!!! So much to research now… but already I have a lot of confidence with your amazing site!!

Thank you again

Best regards


Mark Catton

Thanks Race Advisor

I am 92yrs old and I tried this racing system for the first time today. I only tried one race out. it was on the tele today from newbury 3.0 race. guess what I only backed 1 horse each way. “headman” it won for me at 12/1,wow. could I just have been lucky. top weight won by a sh/head.i don’t know if I did the system as stated. but this is what I finished up with.thanks “racing advisor. kind regards.frank

Frank Sykes

It alone has paid for itself many times over

Evening Guys,

I have only had a cursory look as I am down in Devon (away from home base and internet is dire) but it looks very impressive.

In all the time I have been using RD you have never put the price up and it alone has paid for itself many times over. For the extra bells and whistles I think it is worth every penny.

You have put an awful lot of work in and done a cracking job pulling everything together.

TYVM I think I have got a great bargain.

best regards


James Iddon
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