Don’t get closed down – get rich, with this extraordinary new strategy

Little cost.   |   Little effort.   |   Huge results.

HANDS UP who’s ever been taken for a ride by the bookies?

SHUT OUT and treated like a criminal just for winning a bet or two?

CLOSED DOWN because you’re smart enough not to place stupid bets?

Well, those days are over.

Because I’ve discovered a brilliant strategy where profits can roll in day after day...

And the bookies don’t get a look in.

You can be making BIG MONEY from the two best races of the dayevery day.

Today, I’m going to show you how.


Now we’ve all seen how the bookies tilt the market against you.

Placing bets at a bookmaker is like playing a game of football where your team has to shoot uphill.

And the other team is firing shots downhill into your goal.

Nothing is ever fair.

Do too well and they’ll restrict the amount you can bet.

Do really well and they’ll close your account entirely.

And they won’t even bother to tell you why.

But there’s nothing you can do, right?



There is a brilliant new betting strategy that has has just come out.

It uses a series of super-smart techniques so you’re placing bets at incredibly good value.

And the best bit? It side-steps the bookies entirely.

No more dirty tricks. No more rigged odds. There is a bright new bookie-free future...


What is it?

Just about the most breathtakingly clever betting strategy I’ve ever encountered.

Put simply, it...

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    Allows you to make a fortune
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    Can be used by anybody
  • angle-double-right
    Use the bookies' own strategies 
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    But cuts them out of the action altogether!


Each day you will get the chance to bet on the two best handicap races (the ones with the best prize money).

And the EBS strategy will teach you how to create a rating for every horse in the race.

That means you can price up the race – just like the bookies do.

Except you’ll use yours to make incredible bets.

Your EBS strategy e-book will show you how to do this step-by-step.

When you’re finished – and it’s a doddle once you know what you’re doing...

YOU have the power, NOT the bookies.

So you’ll be able to place bets safe in the knowledge that you have unbeatable value on your side.

You can place...

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    Bets to WIN
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    Bets EACH WAY
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    Bets to DUTCH

All at the sort of prices you could only dream of if you took the bookies’ odds.


The great thing is, you can do it all on exchanges like Betfair, so the bookies are locked out.

And you never will be.

So you’re free to bank hundreds, probably even thousands of pounds for as long and as often as you like.

Forgive me for not revealing the whole system here, for obvious reasons.

But once you’ve mastered the technique, you can even take it up a gear.

EBS will show you how to absolutely dominate at the two biggest races of the day.

But, in fact, the strategy can be used for any race you like.

You could spend all day using it if you liked and no one will ever stop you earning.

It really is a strategy that can lift you into the world of the pro punter.

And lift your bank balance with it.


Now, here at the Race Advisor, we like to give you things for free – we do loads of them every week.

But such a phenomenal amount of work and resources have been poured into finding clever ways to make The 15 Minute Method a money machine that we can’t avoid charging this time.

There’s good news, though.

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    The cost is low
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    And you'll only pay once

That means that once you’ve bought your copy of The 15 Minute Method strategy e-book it’s yours forever.

Use it every month, every day, several times a day – win at whatever pace you want.

Based on my own use of this remarkable strategy, the £37 one-off cost will be covered in a matter of days.

And you won’t pay another penny for it.


You can order your copy of The 15 Minute Method strategy e-book for just £37 +VAT today – and we’ll email it to you right away.

As always, everything is explained in simple, step-by-step terms so anyone can start banking money immediately.

No matter whether you’re a seasoned betting pro or a complete beginner.

And once you buy, you have access to the famous Race Advisor customer support, so just shout if you need any help.

In moments, you’ll be part of a world that delivers...

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    The sort of winning's you've been dreaming of
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    Incredible value bets - day after day
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    NO monthly payments
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    And NO bookies!

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What People Are Saying About The Race Advisor


“Time for a bit of bragging and thanks.In the last month. I have turned £100 into £880 doing small £1 ew patents.”

Bob Cottam

“After paper trading most days last week I Traded properly with small stakes on BFair on Saturday and Sunday and am over the moon – results phenomenal and have made 40.4 points NET PROFIT over 2 DAYS!! Absolutely over the moon. ”

John Unitt

“I had three selections today. They were: 1:50 Not. Cent Flying, Nowhere. 4:35 Not. Jumira 5/2 winner. 3:40 Good London Prize 7/4 Winner. I'm happy...”


“I've turned £60 on the exchange into £520, I am so, so upset with you Michael :) ”

Patrick Lynch

“First week using so paper trading. However this weekend
I achieved:

Friday +10 points profit
Saturday +8 points profit
Sunday +0.6 points profit

+19.4 points profit for a weekend. Now that's some return

Stephen Hale

“Did a lucky 15 ew which paid £2,973.25 for a £75 bet”

Tony Rhodes

Start Making A Fortune From Your Betting Today, Without Involving The Bookies!

Don’t Get Closed Down – Get Rich, With This Extraordinary New Strategy

Little Cost. | Little Effort. | Huge Results.

Get Instant Access, whatever the time of day or night.

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