The Most Explosive
Combo In Betting!

Bag the FREE book that teaches you how a winning system + a superb staking plan = profits for life

Our System Works!

Plenty of us in horse racing have betting systems we like.

Hell, some of us have betting systems we LOVE.

There’s nothing quite like watching the money roll in when it looks like a system is firing on all cylinders.

However, I have some bad news about betting systems.

And that is, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to win with them in the long-term unless you also have value bets.

That’s why I’ve put together this FREE book to help ordinary punters who are hunting for prize profits.

It explains, in simple terms, how you can combine two crucial things – and see your profits fly!

1. A winning betting system

2. A superb staking plan

Now, if you don’t have either of these things, there’s no need to worry.

Our super-useful guide Ultimate Staking Plans explains the pros and cons of many of horse racing’s most popular systems.

It also reveals the only staking plans (ie. how much of your bank you should invest on a particular bet) I would ever recommend.

In short, I’m yet again giving away some of the most closely-guarded secrets in horse racing for nothing.

Hey, why should this stuff be confined to a select few?

I have seen almost every significant staking plan there is out there so I can tell you this:

Practically every single one is useless!

In fact, almost every one could pose a very big threat to your profits.

So any bettor hoping to make long-term profits should have a copy of Ultimate Staking Plans to hand.

Luckily, we’re giving it away for free!

Get your copy today and find out how to achieve:

* Steady, consistent profits.
* Long winning streaks.
* Short losing streaks.
* A bankroll you can grow over time.

Hi Guys,

What a day!!! 

Boom over 30 points thanks to VDW Max. 3/4 and a second by a neck. Total after just 9 days is slightly over 52 points. Amazing!!

Best still its the easiest method going using the ratings.

Keep up the good work. 


Hi, I just wanted to drop you a quick well done for your software.

I had been struggling for ages to make money from the horses but now I'm finding winners on a regular basis its unbelievable!

I started paper trading at first, but now see the true potential and I'm now a regular collector at my bookies lol.

Hopefully this continues.


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