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The best bit is… it doesn’t matter if you are a “hobby betting newbie” that likes a flutter with your mates at the weekend... or a long term bettor entrenched in the sport… this 100% legal “loophole” gives you the everything you need to boast to your friends and family about how you managed to:

Secure A Long Term Betting Income

In Just 5-10 Minutes Each Day

Here’s what it’s all about: My name is Eddie Lloyd. In the past 2 years I’ve helped punters old and new pull significant amounts of money out of the bookies’ bank accounts time and time again…

  • Last summer I racked up nearly 100 points from win only bets at prices ranging from 10/1 up to 25/1.
  • I’ve tipped the winner of the Dante stakes for the last two years running at odds of 20/1 and 9/1 respectively.
  • I’ve even helped a “racing newbie” finally afford his dream holiday in sunny Spain… from just 6 months of tips and guidance.
  • I even had to shut one FREE tipping service down because it set alarm bells ringing when it started generating +123.82 units of profit… (in this case the bookies quickly got wise and squashed the odds down to just +12.81 units of profit.)

But here’s the thing… this ability to beat the bookies at their own game didn’t come easily… and this REALLY is beating them at their own game… as you’ll soon see…

The Bookies Are Unknowingly

Giving You The Chance To Stuff

Cash Back Into Your Pockets

Let’s quickly backtrack so I can explain how this works:

​Like most valuable skills, my unique “skill” at beating the bookie didn’t come easy.

It came to me through family misfortune, personal hardship and then pure chance.

​Like many proud WW2 war veterans he would never admit it… but my granddad Bobby Whyte, was screwed over by the government he fought for… because the pension laws made sure he was entitled to zilch, zip, nada…

​But Bobby Whyte didn’t complain, beg for handouts, or hope to rely on family to support his retirement… no, Bobby Whyte carved out a nice little retirement pot by being an extremely effective bettor…

​You see, the thing about being retired is you have a lot of time on your hands for research… and that’s exactly why, when I was 8, my grandfather used to spend hours with me, in front of the TV watching Channel 4 Racing, and sharing his wisdom:

​I don’t know how many times he drummed into me:

“Eddie…research-backed betting is NOT the same as gambling”…

​But I wouldn’t fully understand that for many years to come.

​Well it turns out the sly old fox was right…

​… and in later years, I managed to pull in a handy little side income to my “regular job and as a fulltime Joiner, just by using some of the same old, tried and tested “tricks” my granddad had shown me.

Tricks like:

  • When you should back a horse… and when you should immediately turn and run a mile in the opposite direction… (you might think this is obvious but the hardest thing to do is walk away from a runner that you fancy—and not losing is often even better than winning.)
  • How to quickly calculate odds as a percentage and easily assess your risk before you place your bets.
  • Where to look for the money! (One of the biggest lessons Bobby Whyte taught me was that there is always money to be made from the bookies you just need to know HOW and WHERE to look.)

​I admit, I was probably a little cocky back then, and I took my easy-winnings for granted… after all, I had “real job” and so there wasn’t any pressure to win consistently, but then in 2008 the roof caved in.

How To Turn A “Nice Little Earner”

Into A Full Time Income When You

Are Completely Desperate

In 2008 the depression hit and I went from turning away jobs on a daily basis to sitting by the telephone praying for it to ring…

I spent a couple of weeks feeling sorry for myself before the screws started turning and I had to face the reality that my business was gone. I needed to find another income ASAP if I wanted to put food on the table for my family.

What happened next was pure chance—but it unlocked a world jam-packed with racing profits…

My wife spotted a job opening in the paper for a Cashier at the local William Hill…

I went for it, I was offered it, and I took it… and within a year I was promoted to shop manager.

Let me tell you, working day-in day-out in a betting shop opens your eyes to a lot that goes completely unseen from the other side of the counter…

But that was nothing compared to the dirty little secrets I’d uncover on my next promotion… to the RISK and LIABILITY Team…

Uncovering The Bookies’ Dirty Little Secrets

When I got to take an inside look at the goings on of the Risk & Liability Division everything changed as I came face-to-face with what really goes on deep inside the bookies to make sure they stay in business by taking your money.

It’s more than just a game of Cat & Mouse…

There’s A Full-Scale

Counter-Insurgency Happening!

I was shown how to:

  • Hunt down and identify the most successful bettors and deconstruct their betting strategies so the bookies could devise counter-tactics against them.
  • Perform “autopsies” on people that were on streaks and decided whether to axe their accounts, or let them bet themselves into the dirt.
  • Snoop into the marketplace to find out where these people where getting their information.

If there was a pattern, trend or system to be found, I was taught how to find it, analyse it, and circumvent it to stack the odds in the bookies favour.

“It’s not paranoia if they’re really after you”… and believe me… they are!

But what they didn’t realise was that I was just like my granddad… and these systems I was discovering, were getting added to my own betting arsenal.

Until one day I realised I had learned…

The Powerful Hidden Betting Techniques

Bookies Spend Millions To Keep Quiet

As you may already know, there is nothing I’ve enjoyed more over the years, than helping people win… and that has, in turn, put a lot of extra coin in my own pockets.

But nothing is anywhere near as powerful as this backdoor into playing the bookies at their own game… because this legal loophole is your opportunity to beat the system.

What’s the loophole?


I am your inside track to the winning strategies, and advanced betting systems, that the bookies are desperate to keep secret.

I’ve already been helping people take regular profits from the bookies each month…

In fact the last tipster service I ran had to be shutdown because…

The System Was TOO Successful

Here’s What People Are Saying:

(All Testimonials Are Genuine, Kept On File, And Available On Request)

Chris Arnfield

​I simply had to email you guys and again congratulate you on a massive coup. Tuscania winning. I got on early... at 18/1. I put on £5 e/w as that is my points limit of my current bank.

Mark Adams

Great Tipping again yesterday lads. well done & thank you, my bank is building up significantly.

I made the silly mistake of offering these tips out for free…and when thousands of readers backed it the bookies got suspicious and squashed the odds to the point where you could barely break even (12.81 units of profit)

… but if you happened to be an early bird then you’d have cleaned up with +123.82 units of profit!

I Had To Shut That Early System Down

But… I learned two lessons:

1. The system was red hot and worked better than anything I’d previously come up with.

2. I have to SEVERELY LIMIT the amount of people that I share these tips with.

But if you’re reading this… it means that you currently still have the opportunity to:

Make Yourself One Of Only 200 People

Who Will EVER Get Access To These Tips

This isn’t the land of unicorns and fairy tales… this is the land from the other side of the bookies counter… and once you have the key… you can’t even begin to imagine how much more exciting your life gets:

  • Imagine being able to order a round for your racing buddies—without worrying about the cost—and then telling them how you’ve manage to dominate the flat racing over the past 6 months.
  • Imagine knowing that it doesn’t matter if you have the occasional flop… because you have a long-term strategy in place that accounts for natural downswings, losing streaks, and even pure bad luck.
  • Imagine having the freedom you get from being able to earn an extra income, in 5-10 minutes a day, from anywhere in the world.

OPEN NOW: The BRAND NEW—Strictly Limited

—UK Racing News Early Bird Tipping Service

Doors Close At 200 Members

(No Exceptions)

The UKRN Early Bird is a club of select insiders who are serious about betting and stuffing the “bookies money” back into their own pockets… maybe not every race, but monthly, and then significantly over the entire 6 month flat season.

I promised you proof and you’ll see it just below… but before you rush down there I want to tell you who this offer is NOT for.

This isn’t for people looking for free tips… after my last experience… I’m making sure this is a paid service that only attracts serious bettors.

This is not for bettors that think you can find a magic solution to all you wealth, life, business or work problems overnight by betting on every tip you get.

You will lose the occasional race, you might occasionally come out down after a week…

You might even lose 5—7—or 10 races on the bounce…

If you can stomach that, and you understand that the only way to be successful in racing, (like any other part of life), is to have a LONG TERM strategy that you can trust, then you’ll be in the company of 200 like-minded bettors that can clean up on the flats over the coming season.

Betting With The UKRN Early Bird

Tipping Service Couldn’t Be Easier

As an exclusive member you will get:

  • Insider flat-staking advice that only you and 199 other bettors have access to.
  • Exclusive membership rights to the biggest tips at the longest odds—every single day (tips are delivered to your inbox at 7pm the night before—or sign into your membership portal to access your tips and more).
  • Save yourself hours each day, by using our simple step-by-step instructions on how to place each day’s bets in just 5 minutes.
  • Detailed insider breakdown of how and why each tip was selected so you can learn the approach yourself, adapt it to your own risk tolerance... and even share it with YOUR grandchildren (I know Bobby Whyte would be proud!)
  • Eliminate your horseracing learning curve while absorbing - and profiting from - a betting system bookies are desperate to keep hidden

Now… about that proof:

£6,240 Profit From 5 Minutes “Work” Each

Morning Over The Past 3 Months

We’ve established that this service isn’t for bettors living in fantasyland who are looking for a magic bullet solution to get rich overnight.

… so I don’t need to tell you that I cannot guarantee you’ll get results that match the results you are about to see.

Here’s the typical results we’ve consistently seen over previous seasons for previous club members… many of whom you’ve heard from in this letter…

If you were a member from the very beginning, and used £10 stakes, you would currently be +£1,595.80 in profit.

That's just some strategic proof that shows you WHY this system is so devastating!

There Are 200 Reasons The UKRN Tipping Service

Beats The Bookies Into Submission Every Month

… (And Not One Reason More)

You don’t have to be an Einstein to work out that if every has access to winning tips then the bookies will shut the bet down… and then it’s game over for everyone.

This is why so many free tipping services get blacklisted… and as soon as the odds are posted online the bookies squash the odds into oblivion.

But thanks to my insider knowledge of how bookies deal with risk and liability I know the kind of betting numbers and frequencies that will raise red flags with the bookies

… and I’ve determined that 200 is a super-safe number of members to slip nicely under the radar… which means:

  • You can always bet on the best odds and get the best ROI
  • You can always be 100% certain that your long term strategy isn’t going to get cut short by a sudden blacklisting of the service
  • You could very likely see an average of 13 profit units each month

Are You Ready To Join Me, And Become One Of Only 200 Renegade Bettors, Who Fly Under The Bookies Radar And Clean Up This Season?

Here’s what you need to know before you make this decision:

  • In the last three months, UKRN has accumulated +62.40 points of profit, which means betting just £100 per stake could’ve earned you £6,240.00 (which is more than many people’s yearly wage!)… for just 5 minutes “work” each day.
  • UKRN consistently makes 13 profit units—or more—each month and has done nearly every month since it was started
  • Short term profits in real terms could see you averaging a cool £260.00 extra pocket change each month (based on past results)
  • When you are betting with UKRN you are also learning the approach as you go - and saving yourself hours, months...even years of painstaking research
  • Because you are in a unique group of serious bettors your long term betting strategy is secured against sudden blacklisting
  • You are aligning yourself with a tipster with a proven track record for delivering the goods

Sure you could work this out for yourself if you want to keep handing good money to the bookies hand-over-fist, and spend the next few years, researching, tweaking, losing, researching some more, losing and tweaking again until you had your first half-decent system…

Or you could join us—and start getting on top within the next few months, weeks, or maybe even days.

​Here’s What You Need Now

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Many tipping services, that don’t even have the exclusive membership limits that UKRN has, will charge you up to £130 per month for similar tips… and you’ll get no 5-minute system, no proven track record, and no betting breakdown…

So here’s the deal…

Act today and...

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All you need to do to grab one of the remaining 37 spaces today is click on the Get Instant Access button below… and you’ll be taken to our secure payment processor to enter your details…


Then sit back, relax, and wait for an email to arrive from me with your UKRN registration details…

Act now and as early as tomorrow morning you could be making huge strides towards a successful betting season, long term profits, monthly pocket change, and a strategic understanding of horseracing that your friends will envy.

See you on the inside…

To your long term success,

PS: What is it you want? Dream holidays in the sun? Extra money after you’ve paid bills and rent each month? Pocket-change to spend on boozy nights with the lads? Or do you want to create a long term income solution from your betting? The truth is all of these things are possible but the only way to secure them, and have them there when you most need them is to develop a long term strategy.

UKRN offers you a proven, long term betting strategy that you can be confident will stand the test of time, and help you achieve your financial betting dreams… whatever they might be.

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