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Win every time you bet

With the most advanced horseracing software racing ever created...

  • We have turbo-charged the legendary Van Der Wheil (VDW) rating - making it more profitable than ever before.
  • Artificial intelligence software will find out if the VDW method was a winner in races just like the one you want to bet on.
  • If it was - you are now very likely to win your bet. If not, it will point towards a horse more likely to do the business.
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    Plus, you'll see VDW form and ability ratings for every horse in any race - plus our own custom VDW score.

Welcome to the new VDW MAXIMISER

It's a match made in betting heaven...

We've taken a set of tried-and-tested horseracing ratings with a loyal following around the world.

And put them together with the most advanced software the racing world has ever seen.

The result is a profit explosion.

Now you can win bets like you never have - at odds that can make you wealthy in days - not years.

That is the extraordinary power of the breathtakingly advanced new VDW Maximiser.

One Remarkable Story

VDW ratings have their own staggering story in the racing world.

Not least because the person who invented them in the 1970s is the closest thing horseracing has to an urban myth.

He was called Charles Van Der Wheil, an expert of mathematical probability known in betting circles as The Flying Dutchman.

Spoken of in hushed tones, many regard him as a legend of horseracing, for making so many people rich when his ideas gripped horseracing in the 1980s.

He mixed class and form to make one huge measure - the VDW rating.

A lot of people made a fortune and the ratings have had a cult-like following ever since.

And now, thanks to the VDW Maximiser, we are bringing them into the 21st Century - to make a new generation of punters even bigger fortunes.

Cutting-Edge Betting Technology

We've taken the old VDW ratings and given them a high-tech overhaul the Flying Dutchman would never have believed.

Not only does the VDW Maximiser give the classic ratings a profit-hungry new edge.

But we are using artificial intelligence to find out if they're going to be successful in a race - long before the race is run.

In fact, this software eliminates every single downside the old rating had.

Because when you can use high-tech software to show how the rating has performed in races just like the one you want to bet on, you're essentially seeing into the future.

If the VDW Maximiser says it's all systems go, you can be certain you're set for a big win.

And if it doesn't, it can point you towards a horse that will bring home the profits.

How Does It Work?

The VDW Maximiser uses complex technology to tell you whether a bet is a winner or not.

But it can be explained in five straightforward steps...

The VDW Maximiser uses artificial intelligence to find all previous similar races to the one you want to bet on - and looks at how VDW performed back then.

It then scores the ratings in these races based on their performance and combines it with the odds of the horses.

The VDW Maximiser will then determine how suitable VDW ratings are for the race - and shows you how good the ratings are in similar races.

It will also show you the VDW form and ability ratings for every horse in the race, plus its own VDW score and live odds of the selections.

That just leaves you to place your bet, knowing VDW has done the business in this sort of race before, or - if it looks risky - move along.

Blowing The Roof Off Betting

VDW ratings turned horseracing into one big party back in the 1980s.

VDW Maximiser ratings are about to blow the roof off in 2018...

Get on board with the rating that has the power to make its users rich at record speed.

You'll be able to see a horse's true ability with the power of artificial intelligence.

And that means you'll be able to win almost every race you bet on.

Get On The Money Train!

Cutting-edge technology meets the tried-and-tested power of Van Der Wheil ratings.

And the results are sensational.

If you're a fan of VDW ratings already, prepare to be amazed by how good they can be with the help of modern software.

And if you like betting in confidence, don't back another horse until VDW Maximiser has told you whether you're likely to win.

Your Special Low Price!

And, best of all, we have kept the price as low as we can for you.

So for the first two months, all you'll pay is £19.99 £14.99 +VAT for the first two months.

No catches, no minimum terms, no sneaky tricks.

Just the greatest VDW product the world has ever seen for just £19.99 £14.99 +VAT for the first two months - and £24.99 +VAT a month after that.

It should pay for itself very quickly indeed!

Be Part Of The New Revolution In Horseracing Betting, With The VDW Maximiser

PS. And don't just take our word for it. Check out what other punters are saying about Race Advisor products

"Time for a bit of bragging and thanks. In the last month I have turned £100 into £880. VDW has been the main source - tremendous and keep up all the good work." Bob

"Thank you for such a great product. I have come across nothing that comes close to it for finding winners." Paul

"This is not coincidence - four out of five winners at combined odds of 28/1 minus the horse that came second, making it 27/1. That's remarkable. I would say to anyone, follow Michael and don't be swayed by the market. What this fella preaches puts you way ahead of the rest." Mark

"Been using your service for almost two weeks, I can honestly say, your software is bang on. I have made over 30 points using a dutching system, perhaps the most stress free betting I have ever done. Many thanks!" Hamzrafiq


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